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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Good news for heel lovers" … wearing high heels gives women shapelier legs than wearing flats. A new study of 18 to 33 year-old women in the UK has found that women who walk in high heels activate their inner and outer calves more evenly than women who wear flats. The women had shapelier legs than those who wore shorter heels.The results are similar to those found in an Italian study in 2009, which revealed that wearing heels can tone the body and condition muscles.

We do know we feel instantly sexier when we wear a pair of killer pumps!

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011
My bleached blonde hair has turned a greenish-yellow colour. Can I fix it? "There is a way to fix the brassiness once and for all! Think of the colour wheel back at school in art class: opposites will counteract. For example, red will eliminate the murky, swimming-pool green, and purple will transform that dull yellow hair to a new sparkling blonde. Use a colour protecting shampoo, gloss or foam to neutralise unwanted shades. Ask your hairdresser or check at your local Hair Supply outlet.

How often should I use a treatment in my hair? "There's a theory that the longer you keep a treatment in your hair, the better it will be. That's a myth. The hair cuticle can only absorb so much at a time. Always follow the instructions on the product. A prescribed treatment once a week is perfect for most hair types, but you need to work out what your hair is lacking, such as moisture or protein."Handy hint: adding heat allows the treatment to absorb into the cuticle more intensely. Try wrapping a hot towel around your hair or if you can, relax in the sun and sip a latte while your hair gets a boost.

How can I fix my split ends and stop them from coming back? "Have a trim every six to eight weeks (even if you're growing your hair), to assist in eliminating split ends. The longer you leave it between salon visits, the longer the split ends become, and soon you'll find you're having more cut off than you wanted. There are products on the market that will help seal the ends for those days when you're having a blow dry, but in the end you need to understand that a split end cannot and never will repair itself – in the long run it needs to be cut off."

I blow dry and straighten my hair most days of the week. Is this really bad for my hair? "The old adage, 'Everything in moderation' is also true when it comes to blowdrying and straightening. The first thing to do before a blow dry is apply a heat protector. Spray a couple of squirts, distribute it evenly and you're good to blow dry as normal.

My hair is crazy curly! How can I make it look more styled and less frizzy? "As a final step give your hair a cool rinse after shampooing and conditioning. This will tighten up the cuticle and add magnificent sheen, and your hair will keep those gorgeous curls. Usually this type of hair craves moisture, so the more you feed your hair, the better it will behave. The best way to style super-curly hair is to add some shorter layers around your face – by doing this you'll avoid that pyramid shape and it will be easier to maintain. To control the curl, try using a medium- to heavy-hold moisture cream. Work it into the hair, then twist pieces into coils five centimetres in diameter, starting at the nape area and working up to your part.

Help! How can I stop my hair from getting so oily? "There's an easy remedy. When the hair is damp, spray some sea-salt spray all over to give instant texture, then blow dry the product in. To keep your hair fresh between washes, try Fudge - Urban Dry Shampoo It's great for combating oily hair. Simply spray onto the roots to absorb moisture and dirt. Brush out and you're left with shiny, non-greasy, fresh hair. So quick and simple!

When I straighten my hair and it's raining outside, it always goes frizzy! What can I use to stop this from happening? "Always hit the cool nozzle on your hairdryer after you've finished creating the shape in your blow dry. This technique will not only impart a luxurious sheen close to the cuticle (it's great for blondes), it will control those unruly frizzles and lengthen the life of your blow dry."

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Saturday, 12 February 2011



If you want Fabulous smooth hands and strong nails that don't split or get brittle here are a few tips to help you;

• Gently file your nails at least once a week. This is a must, if you don't file them they will split on the ends of the nail from general wear and tear.

• NEVER use a metal Nail File as these are too harsh and will make the ends of the nails tear

• Try to put moisturiser on your hands at least once a day. Just before bed is a great time as it gives the moisturiser time to go to work!

• If you have extremely dry hands try slathering on a thick layer of moisturiser before going to bed and then place a pair of cotton gloves (available from pharmacies) on overnight. This will warm up your hands and help the moisturiser to be absorbed, like a mask for your hands!

The next morning your hands will be as smooth as a babies bottom!

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Friday, 11 February 2011
The good news is that you can do a facial at home with very few ingredients and in just about 20 to 30 minutes.  

You will need:
Lukewarm water
Eye make up remover
Skin cleanser
Cotton Makeup Pads 
Skin toner or Spritzer
Skin mask
Clean towels

Before you start

Set about 30 minutes for your facial. Select the place where you will do your facial, preferably your bathroom and maybe when you have your mask on somewhere relaxing to lay down and relax

Make sure that you have everything that you will need in one place. This is a relaxing activity, so make sure you have everything handy and no last minute rushes.

The Process

    • Submerge two cotton make up pads into cold water as you will use these later, to relax your eyes while the mask is on.

    • Cleanse your Face: Do two cleanses using your skin Cleanser. Make sure that there is no makeup left after your cleanse. Clean gently around your eyes with the Eye Makeup Remover using a circular motion.

    • Exfoliate: Apply your exfoliant with gentle circular movements using your fingertips. Rinse well with water. 

    • Toner: Apply toner on your skin using a cotton makeup pad. You can skip this process if you don’t use a toner or spritzer usually, but the toner is great for making sure all your make up has been removed as you will see it on the cotton pad after wiping over your face if you haven’t cleansed thoroughly.

    • The mask: Select your mask according to your skin needs. If you have an oily skin, a purifying mask will be great. If you have dry/normal skin, or in the colder months, a deep moisturizing mask will be better. 

     • Apply the mask all over our face avoiding the eye area. Lie down if you like and put some soft music on. Place the cotton pads on your eyes that you prepared earlier. Leave the mask on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Relax and take a load off...you deserve it!

    • Wash the mask off thoroughly with lukewarm water and apply your toner again.

    • Moisturize: Finish your facial by applying your regular moisturizer and eye cream. If you are going to be out in the sun, apply sun protection as well. Your skin should be smooth and plump after your facial. Ready to take on the world again!

    •  Have a calming drink such as a warm decaffeinated tea or just plain water.

Depending on your skin type you may do a facial once a week. You should exfoliate twice a week if needed.
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Friday, 11 February 2011
 If you want a great even tan from the bottle, start with a great cheap natural homemade scrub. Your skin will feel so great and you will have the perfect start to your new tan!

All you need is:

1 Cup of White Sugar
Your favourite Body Wash or Soap

• Place your sugar in a bowl, place just outside of your shower & hop in the shower, clean yourself.

• Grab your sugar while aiming shower away from you or turn the water off. Put the soap or body wash in your hand with a liberal amount of the sugar and start to scrub your body in circular movements starting from your feet up to your arms & décolletage.

• Rinse off the scrub under the water and hop out of the shower to dry off

• Once you have dried off completely you can start to apply your Tanning Lotion or Spray.

Beauty Tip!
Before applying your tanning lotion or spray try putting a little moisturiser on the drier areas of your body such as your feet, knees and elbows. This will stop the tan from grabbing too much in these areas.
Happy Tanning!

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Friday, 11 February 2011

In nature cure, one of the very important tools for health and disease cure is fasting.

Many people are learning the trick of curing their colds, headaches, nervous spells and other acute troubles by missing a few meals or taking a short fast. It is the simplest and the most efficient way of relieving the overloaded and "food-poisoned" system. You would be surprised to know how little food is actually required to keep the individual healthy.

One of the commonest complaints of the sick is that they have "lost their appetite". In fact, the greatest blessing to them would be to lose their appetite long enough to find their hunger. Loss of appetite is an indication that the system is overcharged with toxins and nature is trying to correct this by giving a chance to the waste accumulation in the organs to escape from the system.

Fasting as a remedy is fully in harmony with the "nature-cure" philosophy of the cause of disease. If the disease is created by an abnormal accumulation of toxins in the system, it stands to reason that fasting will help in their elimination from the system. The membranous linings of the stomach and intestine which act as a "sponge" to absorb food materials are now "squeezed" to throw out the waste matter from the system.

Tip...When fasting ensure that you drink 2 to 3 litres of water each day to keep well hydrated.


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