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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cat eye makeup was made famous by such stars as Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn in the old classic Hollywood movies, and more recently by beauties such as Angelina Jolie & Kate Perry.

Applying eyeliner takes some concentration and a well-balanced hand. For beginners the easiest way is to start with an eyeliner pencil. Cat eye makeup is all about your eyeliner application and there are many variations to cat makeup. In order to avoid blotches when applying your cat eyes makeup, you will need to practice.

Our guide to cat eye makeup will help show you the correct way to apply your cat eye makeup.

Your cat eyes makeup look can range from sharp, thin and pointed, to fat, and smudgy. Taking this into account, there are a number of cat eye make up techniques also.

Traditional Cat Eye Makeup Look

For a traditional cat eye look;

You will need to use a sharp eyeliner pencil

begin by dotting along the root of the eyelashes starting at the inner eye and working your way out

you should follow the natural curve of the eye. Stop where your pupil ends and begin to subtly slant your eyeliner line upwards. You can carry this line as far as your like. Quarter of an inch is the most common

This method to cat eye makeup will give you a thin eyeliner line. If you would prefer a fatter line all you have to do is retrace your steps.

Once you have acquired confidence you can try using a liquid eyeliner and brush to create this cat eye look.

If you are looking to create a more translucent finish to your cat eye makeup you should use a shadow liner and brush.

You will need to press the shadow as you move it along your eyelash line. You will move your eyeliner brush in the same slanting upwards motion as you did with the eyeliner pencil

Smoky Cat Eye Makeup

Smoky cat eye makeup is another very popular cat eye make up technique. This look is easier than you think and listed below are the steps to guide you.

First of all to create this look you will need;

a black eyeliner pencil
a black eyeliner brush
an eye shadow brush
dark eye make up
an eyebrow pencil
and black mascara


Start by using your black eyeliner pencil

Draw a soft line from the corner of your eyelid to the end of your eyelash line

next, you will use your eye shadow brush to apply the dark eye shadow over the top of the smudged eyeliner line to create a smoky look

with your brush eyeliner, make a thick line on your top lid only. Make sure the line is thickest at the outer corner of the eye.

to finish this smoky cat eye makeup, you will use your eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow curve more pronounced.

finally, apply thin coats of mascara, allowing the coats to dry in between applications.

By following these tips and guidelines, you are sure to create perfect cat eyes makeup.

Tip – When applying your foundation make sure to also apply it to your eyelids and lips as this will help your eye make up and lipstick to go on much smoother and will stay in place for longer.




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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

To get this geisha look you'll want a gorgeous silk robe (try the Second Hand & Vintage Shops in your area). Cinch your waist with a contrasting silk sash and wear some dainty slippers. It's quiet a cheap dress up idea to achieve.

We have done a more modern version of Geisha Makeup, more "Memoirs of a Geisha" style than the traditional style.

For hair
If you have long hair you can do what we have done with Em in the picture above. Start by brushing your hair back off your face & tie in a pony tail on top of your head, then wrap your hair around to form a bun. We also used a soft foam form under the bun to lift it up a bit higher (you can get these from hair supply shops). If you have short hair you may be able to hire a Geisha wig from a Fancy Dress Shop or try looking on EBay as you may be able to pick up a cheap one online. If you look up pictures of Geisha Girls, a lot of them wore wigs anyway.

Next Secure some silk orchids in hair. We put some silk ribbon around the bun & then put the orchids in the hair to one side of the bun in your hair.

For makeup
For the base makeup we used a white zinc based foundation, you can also mix cold cream with cornstarch to create the white foundation. You may need to add water for the perfect consistency. Cover even your brows. Powder your face with flour or talc powder.

For eyes
Apply a black liquid or pencil liner mainly to top lids. Tradition Geishas do not wear mascara. But it will look very plain if you don't use mascara and if you have light coloured hair, black mascara would help with darkening your eyelashes so that the make-up looks correct. The only problem with using liquid eye liner is that it does require a bit of practice in applying before you can get it to look right. If you are having trouble applying it, try using a sharp black pencil eye liner as a guide, then paint the liquid eye liner over the top.
We also put a couple eye lash extensions on as well ( just can't help ourselves :)

For Eyebrows
Draw a brow over your own brow, but extend a little further we used a greg/black (charcoal) eyebrow pencil. Shade in the brow area with a base of pink or brown/copper coloured eyeshadow.

For Lips
Cover lips with concealer and the white cornstarch mixture. Draw in a bow-lip with cherry red lip liner, making sure to go outside the lip as shown here. Colour in with red lipstick

For Blush
Geishas themselves have almost plain white faces with just the hint of cherry blossom pink for contouring, but again we were looking for a more modern, stand out look, so we used a pink blush on the cheeks.

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Saturday, 12 March 2011
Stress is common in daily life and may be associated with work, family or personal relationships. Stress if left un-addressed can lead to depression. Whatever the cause, there are some simple steps which can help to reduce stress.

Ways of Managing Stress

(1) Reducing stress and anxiety

•Practice slow-breathing exercises to decrease stress and anxiety.

•Learn and practice relaxation techniques.

•Understand how important physical activity is for good mental health.

(2) Getting enough sleep

•Difficulty sleeping is a common problem.

•Depression disturbs sleep and disrupts the body clock.

•Sleeplessness and being tired may lead to irritability, lack of energy and poor concentration.

•It's not the total length of sleep that matters, but the quality of deep sleep and dream sleep.

•Most deep sleep occurs during the first five hours after falling asleep at night. Even if a person sleeps for only four or five hours, they will still get about the same amount of deep sleep as someone who sleeps for eight to 10 hours.

(3) Keeping active

•Regular gentle exercise is helpful.

•Exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga, dancing, golf or a gym workout can help relieve mental tension, as well as muscle tension.

•Try to do some exercise every day, even if it's just walking around the block

It's important to have an activity plan.

•Continue to do things that give a sense of achievement.

•Plan activities to keep active.

•Maintain social contact.

•Be physically active.

(4) Reducing alcohol and other drugs

•Many people try to make themselves feel better with alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis and other drugs.

•Although these substances may provide temporary relief, they may also cause long-term problems.

•Most illegal drugs and alcohol interfere with the effects of antidepressant drugs. If a person has been consuming large amounts of alcohol or drugs, it's important to tell the doctor, so an appropriate treatment plan can be devised

Dealing with a bad day

Everyone has sad days. Everyone has times when things are really tough. Here are some suggestions to help deal with the bad days.

(1) Don't stay in bed

It's best to get up and get on with a normal routine as soon as possible e.g.; to school/university, meeting friends or family. If a person is based at home, it may help to go outside for a while and do some physical activity like walking to get the newspaper. Avoid napping during the day, as it upsets the 'body clock' and makes it harder to fall asleep at night.

(2) Catch up with friends

When people get depressed, often they don't feel like socialising, but it's important to continue to talk to your family and friends. Talk to them on the phone or organise to meet for a coffee or go to a movie. If people remain isolated, there's a greater risk of developing depression.

(3) Keep active

Plan to do at least one enjoyable activity every day. This may be reading, listening to music, watching movies, going to the beach or park, gardening, taking part in sport or seeing friends. Regular activities are important to maintain good mental and physical health. At first, finding the activities enjoyable may be a challenge, but persistence is the key.

Exercise physiologists are people who have an understanding of how exercising affects the body and mind. They can help people get motivated, develop an individual exercise plan and stay on track.

(4) Learn to manage stress

Take time out. Go for a walk, play sports or take up meditation.

Stress can affect how you breathe and cause muscle tension. Breathing quickly and having tense muscles can, in turn, make you feel more stressed. You can stop this vicious cycle, by learning and practicing new breathing and muscle relaxation techniques.

For more information see;

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