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Monday, 11 April 2011

Avril Lavigne and Pink frequently sport the punk makeup look. It's more about attitude!

While the punk style can often be about sporting grungy looks in a sophisticated way, punk makeup is anything but grungy. This makeup style isn't all about over-the-top eyeliner and glitter. As a matter of fact, it's about creating bold looks that are sure to grab anyone's attention. While it may seem easy to cake on the makeup and therefore create a punk look, it's quite the contrary. Punk makeup requires an excellent eye for colour and superb blending skills.

Things You'll Need: 

Eye shadow base



Light eye shadow, Dark eye shadow

Medium-tone eye shadow

Bold coloured eye shadow

Smudge brush


Black pencil eyeliner

Lip gloss


blending brush


Create a perfect palette. In order to have great-looking eye makeup, it's important to apply foundation and powder to even out your skin tone. Apply foundation and then touch up any imperfections with concealer. Apply a layer of powder to set the makeup.

Prep eye area. Apply an eye shadow base to your eyelid. You can use either a cream shadow, a cream concealer or a specialised product such as a MAC Paint Pots. Use your finger or a makeup brush to apply the base to your eyelids.

Highlight brow bone. Use an eye shadow brush to highlight your brow bone. You can use either a shimmery or matte colour. Popular colours include shimmery baby pinks, shimmery light golds and vanilla coloured mattes.

Apply the medium-tone eye shadow. Using an eye shadow brush, apply the medium tone eye shadow to your entire lid. You can use a medium-toned taupe, brown or Grey for this step.

Contour the eye. Using the darker coloured eye shadow, contour your eye. Apply the shadow to the crease, and if you have small eyes, take the eye shadow a little bit above the crease. Another option is to extend the crease colour past the socket of your eye. This will give you a much more dramatic look.

Add a pop of colour. If you prefer a smokey eye, you can skip this step and proceed on to Step 7. Choose a bright fuchsia, red, blue, purple or green. Lightly apply this colour just below your crease. Blend it thoroughly and repeat this step if you feel the colour isn't bold enough for you.

Apply eyeliner. Use your black eyeliner pencil to line both your upper and lower lash line. Make sure you smudge the eyeliner if you notice any harsh lines. Follow up with a coat of black mascara.

Apply lipstick or lip gloss. Depending on how bold of a look you want, you can either apply lipstick (as shown in the picture above) or lip gloss. A light pink or neutral coloured lip gloss also looks great with bold eye makeup.

Enjoy your new look!


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Monday, 04 April 2011

If you have ever seen 'Cats' the stage show you will love this cute cat costume make up. For the costume side of things we purchased some artificial fur material, which we used to make a tail & the main as you see in the photo. You can do this in whatever colours you chose. Try wearing all slim fitting white top and long tights/pants. Leg warmers in similar colours also add to the look.

We also had a cute cats collar that we used for around Sarah's neck. You could make one of these with ribbon and some diamond style jewels glued to it...so cute!

For hair

We started by crimping and teasing the hair within an inch of it's life! For the ears we made two very loose piggy tails and rolled them over at the ends back into the band and used mass quantities of hair spray to hold them in place. Sarah's hair is blonde here, but we used a white hair spray all over her hair. We then put some grey and pink streaks in the hair to match the colours on the fake fur. For the streaks we used a pink blush and dark grey eyeshadow applied heavily with an eye make up brush. We also put the pink blush on the ears and we then applied MORE hairspray over the hair. The blush & eyeshadow go over the white hairspray quiet well. You could get other coloured hair products to use, but this is a lot cheaper to do this way.

For makeup

For the base makeup we used a white zinc based foundation, you can also mix cold cream with cornstarch to create the white foundation. You may need to add water for the perfect consistency. Cover even your brows. You can also use white face paint which is available from most dress up shops. Powder your face with flour or talc powder. Shade along the hair line to try and blend the face colour with the hair.

For eyes

Apply a tan, pink eyeshadow to the whole eyelid area up to the eyebrows and also to the top of the lip area, underneath the cheek bones and also under the mouth to give more contour to the face and make the cheeks stand out.

Next apply a black liquid or pencil liner mainly to top lids along eyelash line, flicking the liner out in 'cat eye' style at the outside corners of the eyes. you may have a problem with using liquid eye liner as it does require a bit of practice in applying before you can get it to look right. If you are having trouble applying it, try using a sharp black or brown pencil eye liner as a guide, then paint the liquid eye liner over the top.

Draw some contour lines as shown in the picture around the eyes with a brown eyeliner or brow pencil.

We also put a couple eye lash extensions on as well ( just can't help ourselves :)

For Eyebrows

Draw an exaggerated eyebrow over your own brow, but extend a little further using a brown eyebrow pencil. Shade in the brow area with more of the base colour tan, pink coloured eyeshadow if you find any gaps after drawing in the eyebrow.

For Lips

Cover lips with concealer and the white cornstarch mixture. Draw around the lips with a black eyeliner extending past the edges of the mouth as shown, to look more cat like. Then draw on the whiskers & fill in under the nose tip and down the middle of the top lip, in a T shape.

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