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Monday, 25 June 2012


To mark the launch of his exciting book, Power up your Brain: The neuroscience of EnlightenmentDr David Perlmutter went on ABC News recently to talk about ways we can all keep our brains healthy and stave off such debilitating diseases asDementia and Parkinsons’ Disease.


Along with removing gluten from your diet, if you have a sensitivity, which we touched on in a previous post, Dr Perlmutter highlights the following essential steps:


1. Twenty minutes of aerobic exercise 5 to 6 times a week can help stave off Alzheimers’ Disease. Our brains crave exercise EVEN MORE than our bodies. You should aim to get your heart rate up to 180 minus your age (eg if you are 42, get your heart rate up to 138 beats per minute).


2. Add Omega 3 to your diet – specifically DHA, from fish or algae sources. The DHA ‘talks to’ our genes in the same way as exercise, to harness better brain health. Aim for 1,000mg of DHA per day.


3. Combat long-term stress. Short term, a little bit of stress can help our brains function a bit better. However, long-term stress results in a constant build up of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body which targets the memory centre in the brain in a negative way that has been associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. Ways to combat stress include: exercise, meditation and getting enough sleep (lack of sleep increases cortisol production).


4. Don’t let your Vitamin D levels drop – vitamin D acts as a hormone in the body which is critical for brain health. Individuals with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and MS all have low levels of vitamin D. If the recent report about vitamin D supplements has scared you, get a blood test to see what your actual levels are before supplementing them.


To check out Dr Perlmutter’s interview in full, click here.


Don’t forget, as well as optimizing brain function, Omega fatty acids are also essential for maintaining supple, plump, flawless skin, which is why Sophyto has based its rich moisturizer – Omega Daily Moisturizer – around these very nutrients.



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Thursday, 21 June 2012

If your body is feeling a little dry and worse for wear, try our fabulous cheap homemade body scrub. Remove all those old dead skin cells while moisturising and hydrating with your favourite oil at the same time.
Your skin will feel so great … careful you will become addicted!

All you need is:

1 Cup of White or Raw Sugar
Your favourite Body Oil or Olive Oil

•Place your sugar in a bowl, place just outside of your shower & hop in the shower, clean your body with soap or a body wash.

•Grab your sugar while aiming shower away from you or turn the water off. Put the Body Oil or Olive Oil in your hand with a liberal amount of the sugar and start to scrub your body in circular movements starting from your feet and working up to your arms & décolletage.

• Rinse off the scrub under the water and hop out of the shower to dry off

Once you have dried off completely your skin will feel Fabulous!

This scrub is also perfect if you get a lot of ingrown hairs.

If you need to exfoliate before a tan just use a body soap or scrub with the sugar, as the oil will stop the tanning solution from working effectively.

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Thursday, 21 June 2012




At Saremi Health and Beauty we try to bring our clients the most natural options in beauty care. GO30 Prescription Nails are a much healthier option than acrylic and gel nail systems.

GO30 Prescription Nails are a real revolution in the way we service clients with nail enhancements. They are called  "Prescription" Nails because each set is carefully prescribed - the curvature and arch of each nail is precisely measured and recorded on a client's personal prescription card. Prescription nails are a full cover overlay system, individually tailored to each person ~ 8 nail styles, 128 nail sizes, 1028 nail options to provide you with an exclusive personally fitted nail enhancement.

Each personal-fit nail replicates the width, curve and arc of your nails for a fit as personal as a fingerprint. You'll love the natural look and feel, longer lasting than traditional enhancements and without chipping.

The nails are custom fitted to the client's nail shape and size - producing nail enhancements that have a very natural look and feel.

The advantages of choosing Prescription Nails over gels or Acrylics are:


No refill is needed;

No painful removal is needed;

Non-damaging sanding & buffing need to be performed;

No damaging electric drills is used;

Each set lasts for up to 3 - 4 

Thin, durable, natural look and feel;

Great for nail biters, clients with allergies and those concerned about protecting the natural nail bed

These wonderful enhancements are clear, full-cover nail extensions that are custom designed for application on top of the entire natural nail bed. They are durable and last up to two three weeks. They are easily soaked off in about 10 - 15 minutes when professionally removed at the salon.
You can have a new full set of nails every time without suffering painful prying or drilling.

GO30 Prescription Nails also help your own natural nails to grow. The medical grade gel adhesive used, provides a protective cushioning cover over the entire nail bed - preventing breakage as the natural nails grow. When you get your FREE soak-off removal every time, your nails are examined to make sure that your nail beds are staying healthy.

The length of your natural nails doesn't matter. You might be a nail biter with no length at all. You might have short or medium length natural nails. Prescription Nails are clear, you can see the length of the natural nail through the tips, so the natural nails are usually shortened for best results.

Prescription Nails are lightweight so they are comfortable to wear. Many women have told me that their friends thought that the Prescription Nails were their own natural nails. If you want a healthier enhancement, method that produces beautiful nails that look and feel just like your own then you need Prescription Nails.

Twice as fast as traditional method, superior quality and durability, absence of fumes and dust, healthier nail plates and spectacular results, are the virtues of this revolutionary product.

Our Nail Prices are;

Butter London Manicure:                 $35.00
GO30 Prescription Nails (Initial Set): $60.00
GO30 Prescription Nails (Refit):        $50.00


Call us today on 07 53095343 or 0428 892052 for an appointment to try this great nail system!


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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

 too far under your skin, that is…?

 esthetics, when we talk about penetration, it is important to specify the level at which a particular substance can penetrate. The level of penetration of a cosmetic formula is directly related to its depth of action as well as the purpose/goal/aim of that formula.


Levels of Percutaneous Penetration:

  • Contact: Where cosmetic formulas make contact with the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, but do not penetrate. Their main action is cleansing the skin and are easily wiped clean. All facial cleansers are considered contact cosmetics. Products from the Sophyto range with contact properties: Purifying Silken CleanserNatural Glycolic Foaming CleanserDual Action Exfoliating Treatment.
  • Impregnation: Where cosmetic formulas stay on the surface of the skin to protect them and/or provide color. These formulas should be easily removed and they do not penetrate the skin. Sunscreens and color cosmetics are some examples of impregnation cosmetics.
  • Absorption: Where some active ingredients can make their way down  into the 12th layer of the stratum corneumto protect them against the environmental aggressors. Day and night moisturizers fall into this category. Products from the Sophyto range with absorption properties: Omega Daily MoisturizerBalancing Daily Moisturizer; Marine Peptide Brightening Treatment.
  • Penetration: Where formulas of small molecular size, such as those containing fat-soluble vitamins and amino acids, can penetrate into the spinous and basal layers of the epidermis. Products from the Sophyto range with penetration properties: pH Optimizing Restorative Toner; Anti Aging Antioxidant SerumMultivitamin Facial Serum and Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate.
  • Reabsorption: Where a formula crosses the epidermis and reaches the blood vessels located at the dermal andsubcutaneous level in order to be distributed throughout the body. Substances with such characteristics are considered drugs and not cosmetics.

What’s the difference between a topical drug and a cosmetic?

  • cosmetic is a product that is applied locally and has a local effect.
  • drug (topical) is a product that is applied locally but has a systemic (further reaching) effect.

What’s the deal with penetration enhancers?


A penetration enhancer is, as its name indicates, an agent that improves percutaneous penetration of ingredients to provide fast and long-lasting results. While not all penetration enhancers are toxic per se, it is a fact that they make penetration of toxic/harsh chemicals even easier.

Commonly used penetration enhancers:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Bisabolol
  • Lecithin
  • Anionic Surfactants such as SLS (toxic)
  • Fat-soluble vitamins (Synthetic vitamin A is toxic – if Vitamin A is required, it should ALWAYS be applied in whole food form)
  • AHAs & BHAs  (pH disruptor)
  • Liposomes
  • Microcapsules
  • Micronized particles (toxic)
  • Nanoparticles (toxic)

If a penetration enhancer is to be used, it is important to take two aspects into consideration:

  • The penetration enhancer MUST NOT be toxic.
  • Toxic/harsh ingredients MUST NOT be added to the formula.

As we said before, the so-called ‘selective permeability’ of the skin is not fail-safe. It is important to remember that several commonly used chemicals in skin care do end up in our bloodstream and are carcinogenic, genotoxic, immunotoxicants, endocrine disruptors, etc.


Facilitating the penetration of noxious substances would be a humongous mistake – one that could potentially be extremely detrimental to our health.

Via Sophyto Blog


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Tuesday, 19 June 2012
Nail Art is so easy to do yourself now thanks to the new Nail Applique line by Nail Bliss, called Nail Bling! You can put the Nail Bling Nail Appliques over your natural nail too, but today I am using a colour polish under it. The Nail Bling kit comes with 18 appliques. I like to put the appliques on only  a couple of nails on each hand, but you might like to put them on every fingernail, which also looks great!

The directions for the Nail Bliss - Nail Bling are as follows;
  1. Clean nails with polish remover.
  2. Apply base coat to nails and let dry.
  3. Size Bling appliques, leaving a slight gap between skin and Bling Nails. This will allow the top coat to seal Bling onto nails.
  4. Apply Bling, pressing firmly onto nails for better adhesion. Appliques should not touch skin.
  5. Gently fold Bling appliques over natural nail tips and make flush by filing only in a downward motion to remove any overhang.
  6. Apply top coat and let dry.
Today I started with a base coat using 'Nail Foundation' by butter LONDON and then a beautiful Nail Lacquer from butter LONDON called 'Fairy Lights' as butter LONDON describes it; Be the life of the party in this dazzling "liquid metal" rose-pink lacquer! And this look is perfect for a party with a bit of bling to dress it up even more.

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in 'Fairly Lights'

Nail Bliss Nail Bling Applique in 'Silver Diamonds'

After applying the base coat and two coats of the butter LONDON Fairly Lights nail lacquer, I picked the correct size applique for the nails I wanted to decorate. The appliques peel of the clear plastic backing sheet very easily. I then placed the applique carefully on the dry nail and pressed firmly onto the nail careful not to leave any air bubbles under it following the directions say on the packet of Nail Bling. Finished off my nail art with a clear top coat from butter LONDON called 'Hardwear' and what you get, as you can see from the picture below is a great finish in a small amount of time!

Ready to Party! x
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Monday, 18 June 2012


Why you might need it: as skin matures, cell turnover slows down. Exfoliants shift the dead surface cells, which can interfere with the absorption of moisturizers and make foundation look patchy. Blood circulation is stimulated and cell renewal accelerated.

Where, when and how: if your current products contain a natural exfoliant such as Vitamin A , or, fruit acids for example, then an additional exfoliant may not be necessary. If the products you are using do not contain these active ingredients, or, if you suffer from particularly dull skin, exfoliate 2 - 3 times per week using gentle exfoliants such as Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment which contains micro-fine amethyst powder.

Beware of: DO NOT EVER use any of those nasty apricot or ground walnut shell products. Harsh exfoliants like these will make tiny scratches on your skin surface and compromise the natural barrier of the skin, thus inviting bacteria and infection.

Product Tip: try Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment, it will successfully remove grease, debris and micro-wastes from the epidermis and improve circulation. Epidermis sloughing is achieved through the combination of finely ground silky amethyst powder, organic pineapple and cherry juice. Removal of this layer stimulates the lower skin levels to produce healthy, normal levels of skin growth.
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Thursday, 14 June 2012
To start my review today I have to say that I just love the packaging on the butter LONDON products - just gorgeous!


Anyway down to the product itself, the new butter LONDON LIPPY! I tried the LIPPY in 'Trout Pout' which reminds me of the 50's style pink lip.
I was expecting the usual lip gloss, that is licked and eaten off your lips before you even leave the house, but it is very different. It's like a lip stick and a lip gloss combined.
It looked and felt beautiful on my lips, very nourishing and had real staying power too, which I like. There is nothing worse than going out for a special function and having to reapply every 5 minutes. 
The great thing about it is if you want a subtle colour, only apply a very small amount - a little bit goes a long way with this product :)
For a much more pigmented colour apply more of the LIPPY to your lips - it's that simple!

I really like this product and have also had my friends try it and they also love it!

There a five colours to choose from; Primrose Hill, Teddy Girl, Trout Pout, Snog and Yummy Mummy. 


Emily x
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I just love Adele! Do you remember Adele's fabulous nails at the Grammys earlier this year? This Louboutin Manicure was created by Manicurist Mike Pocock. But do not fear you can recreate this look and use whatever colour combination you want.
For Adele's manicure for the Grammy's Mike used a metallic purple on top (to match with her shoes) for the night, with a red polish underneath the nail as you can see in the picture below.

Photo courtesy of;

Follow the guidelines in our Manicure blog before applying your polish at Manicures that last.

For the more traditional Louboutin Manicure as shown below try using our butter LONDON Nail Laquer in 'Pillar Box Red' under the nail first and then with 'Union Jack Black' on the top - just gorgeous.
You might want to get a thin artist brush to use under the nail to get a better finish? 

  •         Butter London Pillar Box Red                                         Butter London Union Jack Black 

The gorgeous Loubouton Pumps! Available in Australia at

Photo's courtesy of;

Deb x
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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The best way to ensure you end up with the perfect tan for your wedding day is to do it yourself! If you follow the steps we have below it will be a breeze.

Exfoliate and Moisturize
Two months before the big day ensure that you start to exfoliate the skin on your body every two days and moisturize with a rich body cream or oil everyday to get your skin in tip top condition. If you get rid of any dry flaky skin and keep your skin moisturised and hydrated, you will get a much better result when you apply your tan.

Trial The Tan
One month before your wedding date, do a trial to test of the colour and how many coats of tan you may want. Make sure if you need to shave or wax that you do this the day before. So exfoliate as usual, but only apply moisturiser to any dry areas of your body such as knees, elbows and feet. We recommend using TanOrganic Tanning Solution as it is 100%Natural and is safe to use even for women who are pregnant. It wont rub off on your clothes and gives you a great natural looking tan. The TanOrganic is applied with a special mitt. The OrganicTan tanning Mitt is such a great idea. On the outside of the mitt it has a soft velour type of material and on the inside it is linned with a waterproof material, so that as you apply the tanning solution it does not stain your hands! Most of us have had one of those experiences with orange hands :). And it is also much better than using disposable gloves as I have found that when I have used the mitt that it was very smooth going onto the skin and didn't leave any streak marks as the disposable gloves can. Spray some of the tanning solution onto the mitt. Apply your tan to the bigger areas first in each area of the body, for example; I like to start with the legs, so I would start by applying the tan to my calves and come up in circular movements. You will then have less tanning solution on your mitt after doing this so then go down to the ankle and foot area, so you wont have too much colour on your feet and ankles. Then gradually do the same coming up and doing the whole body and again go lightly on the elbows, hands and face if you want your face tanned. Get someone to give you a hand if you can't reach the middle of your back area.


Post Tan
Try to wear loose light clothing after you apply the tan and relax, so that it gives the tan a chance to dry evenly. The next day after you shower, if you want a deeper colour repeat the steps above, but if you are happy with the coverage and colour apply moisturiser or a body oil such as the OilArganic. The OilArganic product is a unique cocktail of 8 Plant Oils with the beautiful light fragrance of roses.
Oil Arganic is a truly unique argan oil for body, hair and face, as this wonderful, versatile oil may be used in aid of smooth velvet skin, silky hair, healthy strong nails and a wonderfully improved texture to stretch marks and scars. Oil Arganic is a wonderful companion for Tan Organic natural fake tan as it keeps your tan lasting longer and looking even more natural.
It's also fabulous for skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Practice Makes Perfect
Keep doing this each week so that you have the process down pat for the big day. Your skin will feel beautiful and you will be confident for your special day :)

Most Honeymoons involve swimming in chlorinated pools and hot tubs, which tends to accelerate your tan rubbing off, so you might want to take your tanning products with you to top up your tan while you are away.


Deb x

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The good, the bad and the nasty: Ethyl Acetate

If we use it in glue and plastics, should we be using Ethyl Acetate on our skin too…?


Formula: CH3COOC2H5


Systematic name: ethyl ethanoate


Also listed as: ethyl ester, acetic ester, ester of ethanol, acetic acid, acetic ether, acetidin, acetoxyethane, ethyl acetate, ethyl acetic ester, ethyl ethenoate.


DefinitionEthyl acetate is the ester* of ethyl alcohol and acetic acid (*an organic compound formed when an acid and an alcohol combine and release water). It is a colourless, volatile flammable liquid that has a characteristic sweet smell.


Ethyl acetate is manufactured on a large scale for use as a solvent, in perfumes, flavorings, lacquers, plastics, glues, pharmaceuticals and rayon.


Research indicates that ethyl acetate exhibits promising antibacterial effects.


In the cosmetic industry, ethyl acetate is found in: nail polish, polish remover, nail treatment, cuticle treatment, bandages and fragrances.



  • Linked to cancer in government, industry or academic studies/assessments
  • Linked to developmental and reproductive toxicity.
  • Strong skin, eyes and lung irritant.
  • Human neurotoxicant: harms the brain and nervous system.
  • Causes moderate toxicity of the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory system.
  • Moderate occupational hazard: chemical handling or routine occupational exposures.

Our Rating:  Bad; if used it should come at very low concentrations (not higher than 1%)People with sensitive skin should avoid it at all costs.


Warning: highly flammable liquid. Repeated exposure to ethyl acetate could cause irritation of the eyes/lungs as well asskin dryness and/or cracking. Its vapours may cause drowsiness and/or dizziness.


Ishtar Magally Mobarak

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Thursday, 07 June 2012

Pedicures have just become so much easier to do with the butter LONDON Waterless Pedicure Collection!

Developed out of necessity backstage at Fashion Week, their new Pedicure Collection is designed to be used without water and as they put it,’ take your footcare from ‘ewww’ to ‘ooohh’’

No more scrubbing those nasty dry heels with their Rock Off Callus Peel, which vertially melts away the hard skin so commonly found in our Australian Climate. It is undoubtedly very different to the medical alternatives you might find in the chemist and works brilliantly with their Stilletto Stick Hydrating Heel Balm.

Kitten Heels, the miraculous Powder Finish Foot Creme, instantly hydrates, yet leaves a soft, powder finish to help keep your feet dry and silky. You may never wear socks again!

Don't forget to finish your Pedi with a great nail lacquer such as the Butter London Lillibets Jubilee

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Thursday, 07 June 2012

Natural Fake Tan: Men

Fake tan for men is fast becoming very popular as the trend to have a natural male fake tan is growing and men are now realizing the need to protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Because of this, the Male fake tan is a must for fashion conscious males who like to have the all year round Male tan without damaging his skin.
Many tanning companies are realizing the male cosmetic market and the need for a Male fake tan is no exception.

Organic Fake Tan for Men Australia

Many brands are taking the male and female packaging trend so as not to exclude the Male fake tan market. The fake tan men market is growing every year and TanOrganic packaging is very male friendly. TanOrganic is the perfect fake tan for men as it is very simple to use and most important does not have that burnt biscuit smell. Today's fake tan men can have the perfect Organic male tan without worrying about the terrible smell that goes along with many of the tanning products on the market today 

Because of the quality of ingredients and the lack of synthetic ingredients TanOrganic's tan is the perfect natural fake tan for men.

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Wednesday, 06 June 2012


Cat’s have 9 lives, right? Well, I think that the cat eye makeup look should live forever.

I’ve always been a huge fan of sexy, matte black cat eye liner. It’s very Brigitte Bardot meets Kate Moss meets Cleopatra. The cool part about cat eye liner is that it can be done in soo many ways. From subtle to over the top!!

Sultry and seductive, cat eyes are just so good. Give me lashes and thick black eyeliner and I’m in heaven. It’s very 60’s but still so modern and chic. I was so happy to see if on the SS 12 runways of Giorgio Armani and Jonathan Saunders.

The best part? It’s super easy to do. All you need is Carina’s genius Black Eyeliner and you’re set. Just wet your eyeliner brush and then dip the tip of the brush into the minerals..instant liquid black liner. Amazing!!!!

Here are some cat eye photos to inspire these.

Ps - keep your blog topic requests coming..leave comments with what you want to see!!

Love, Taylor

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Tuesday, 05 June 2012

TanOrganic. A natural tan – from a bottle!

Cursed with pale Irish freckly skin, it is a rare occasion that I may get a natural tan from the sun. For the most part, I end up with a new batch of freckles and maybe a little pink tinge which occasionally turns to a very slight tan, if I’m lucky!











For over 10 years I have been using fake tan. It started off with lathering my whole body in Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer to the point where  I looked like a bronzed statue (at the time I thought I looked great – I look back on photos now and think it probably wasn’t the best look). As many of you probably know, Sun Shimmer runs at the very sight of liquid, so generally after a night out, after drinks spilling, getting caught in the rain and hot, sweaty nightclubs, you look something like a zebra – but orange and white rather than black and white. Poor Christina famously had a recent tan mishap reminded me of my Sun Shimmer days…



The one benefit of having my pale skin is the fact that I don’t bother sunbathing, it is a pointless, encumbering task for me. Therefore, less sun exposure means less skin damage and wrinkles in the future??? Fingers crossed! Even Kim Kardashian can’t make sunburn look good!


As a result of all of this, I am completely reliant on fake tan for my tanning needs. From Sun Shimmer, L’Oréal Sublime, Lancome Mousse, Fake Bake, St. Tropez…. You name the tan, I’ve used it. My favourite for a few years was Lancome’s Tanning Mousse… That was up until last year when I discovered TanOrganic.


The Dragon’s Den success story, TanOrganic was developed by a pale skinned Irish red-head for other pale skinned girls, I am completely OBSESSED with TanOrganic. It is 100% natural, with a base of aloe vera which moisturises the skin as it tans. It soaks into my skin quicker than any other tan I’ve tried. It has a slight tint of colour to it so you can see what you’re doing during the application. It gives a gorgeous golden, natural glow to the skin, not orange whatsoever. It fades evenly without leaving patches (this is down to the aloe vera base which ensures that the skin is moisturised – most patches during fading from other tans are due to dry skin). It has powerful antioxidant technology with vitamins A, C and E for optimum age-defying effect.  Each bottle l’ve had has lasted between two to three months, far longer than any other tan I’ve used. The consistency is extremely fluid, meaning it spreads well and a minimum amount is required.


I cannot say enough good things about TanOrganic! It really is the best tan I have ever tried and if you are still on the hunt for the perfect fake tan, I recommend you give it a go! €30 per bottle (the price can vary a little depending where you buy it).

Avril xXx

from Sinfulstilettos a great Beauty Blog!

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Monday, 04 June 2012
Mark Hyman, MD

"I recommend SOPHYTO as a great product for overall healthy living!"

MARK HYMAN, MD has dedicated his career to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through a groundbreaking whole-systems medicine approach known as Functional Medicine. He is a family physician, a four-time New York Times bestselling author, and an internationally recognized leader in his field. Through his private practice, education efforts, writing, research, advocacy and public-policy work, he strives to improve access to Functional Medicine, and to widen the understanding and practice of it, empowering others to stop managing symptoms and instead treat the underlying causes of illness, thereby also tackling our chronic-disease epidemic.

Dr. Hyman is Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, and was awarded its 2009 Linus Pauling Award for Leadership in Functional Medicine. He is on the Board of Directors of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and a faculty member of its Food As Medicine training program. He is also on the Board of Advisors of Memhet Oz’s HealthCorps, which tackles the obesity epidemic by “educating the student body” in American high schools about nutrition, fitness and mental resilience. As a volunteer for Partners in Health, Dr. Hyman worked on the ground immediately after the Haiti earthquake and was featured on 60 Minutes for his work there. 

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN

“The unique approach offered by the SOPHYTO® product line represents the first truly natural approach to skin care. These products are superior to anything else available, providing incredible results”

Dr. Perlmutter is a Board-Certified Neurologist and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition who received his M.D. degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine where he was awarded the Leonard G. Rowntree Research Award. After completing residency training Neurology, also at the University of Miami, Dr. Perlmutter entered private practice in Naples, Florida where he serves as Medical Director of the Perlmutter Health Center and the Perlmutter Hyperbaric Center.

Dr. Perlmutter serves as Adjunct Instructor at the Institute for Functional Medicine in Gig Harbor, Washington, and has contributed extensively to the world medical literature with publications appearing in such journals as The Journal of Neurosurgery, The Southern Medical Journal, Journal of Applied Nutrition, and Archives of Neurology. He is the author of: – Powerful Therapy for Challenging Brain Disorders, The Better Brain Book (Putnam Publishers), and Raise a Smarter Child By Kindergarten (Morgan Road Books), and is recognized internationally as a leader in the field of nutritional influences in neurological disorders.

Dr. Perlmutter has been interviewed on many nationally syndicated radio and television programs including 20/20, The Faith Daniels Program, Larry King Live, CNN, Fox News, Fox and Friends, The Today Show, Oprah, and The CBS Early Show. Dr. Perlmutter was awarded the 2002 Linus Pauling Award for his pioneering work in innovative approaches to neurological disorders. In addition, he received the 2002 Denham Harmon Award from the American College for the Advancement in Medicine for his work in advancing the understanding of free radical biochemistry in neurological diseases and is the recipient of the 2006 National Nutritional Foods Association Clinician of the Year Award.

This year (2007) Dr. Perlmutter will be lecturing at Scripps Institute on the topic of Alzheimer's prevention, and Harvard University discussing factors enhancing children's brain development.

Dr. Frank Lipman

“As a practitioner of Integrative medicine I recommend that my patients make chemical free and organic choices as much as possible. Cosmetics are a major source of toxicity as our skin is an extremely permeable membrane and we leave products on for long periods. Unfortunately most consumers are unaware of the dangers of skin products and neglect using healthier ones. SOPHYTO® skin care products fill a much needed gap in the market and I’m happy to be able to refer SOPHYTO® as a smart, intelligent choice”

"Frank Lipman is the kind of doctor who truly cares for and about his patients. He treats each one as if they are the most important person in the world…he cares for the heart, soul and body."
—Donna Karan

"Frank Lipman MD is a holistic physician who believes that health is a journey, illness is a roadblock - and you the patient are in the driver's seat. That's why his extraordinary practice is at the vanguard of a new revolutionary way to deliver medical care."
—O Magazine

"After years of struggling with a chronic neck injury, Frank Lipman provided miraculous relief. His advice and care have been extremely helpful to me."
—Dave Letterman

"My wife, Kyra, and I have been patients of Frank Lipman for four years. We have always been impressed with his knowledge and caring, not to mention the results!"
—Kevin Bacon

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Tricia Cardone, CN™, CHHC

As a certified nutritionist and holistic health coach, I recognize the importance of what we consume on a daily basis. Eating the highest quality foods and using the highest quality skincare products can have a profound effect on how we look, feel, and live every day. Passionate about healthy living, I am always encouraging clients to eat a diet that is as close to nature as possible, full of wholesome, organic, antioxidant-rich foods whenever possible. Much like our diet, our cosmetics/skincare products should be chosen with just as much concern. Just as we guard against consuming harsh chemicals and toxins through food, it is equally as important to safeguard our bodies against potentially harmful products that are applied topically. In working with many suffering with auto-immune health concerns such as Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity, etc., I impress upon my clients the importance of using a “clean” skincare and cosmetic line – free of harsh chemicals and gluten. Needless to say how thrilled I was when I came across the very unique Sophyto ® skincare line! Not only is it free from harsh chemicals, but it is also certified gluten free, vegan, and made from natural ingredients (+ 90% organic)! I have been using the Sophyto ® skincare line myself with very positive results! Using the Sophyto ® products has left me with softer, moister, more nourished skin and a more even skin tone…Not to mention how squeaky clean my skin feels. I am so very happy and confident to refer my clients to the Sophyto ® skincare line as I am sure they will love knowing they are doing something good for their body by using such a quality product line. Also, you will rest easy knowing that the Sophyto ® team of experts is always there to answer any questions about their products, making the Sophyto ® experience a truly wonderful one!

Trish Cardone is a certified nutritionist and board certified holistic health coach. Her focus is on working with those that suffer with various auto-immune health concerns and gluten sensitivity using a customized nutritional/coaching approach as she uncovers the root of their health concerns.
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