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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Primers are undoubtedly a big trend in the makeup arena; being used by big stars at the Oscars as revealed by the most popular makeup artists in the industry.

We’ve updated our catalogue with a line of 6 powerful primers to suit every skin type.



Pink Primer counteracts sallow undertones

Rose Primer works to give a healthy glow for light to tan skin tones

White Primer illuminates skin for a livelier complexion

Peach Primer provides warmth for medium to tan skin

Brown Primer evens skin for tan to deep complexions

Yellow Primer camouflages redness

Primers are best worn underneath your makeup. Clean face and apply moisturizer if you have a dry skin. Let the moisturizer soak in for 5 minutes before following the primer. Add concealer and your finishing dust, or vice versa, then apply your preferred makeup variety as you please.



Answer: Not all primers are equally created. Some primers on the market contain Dimethicone which may irritate the skin and cause breakout. Everyday Minerals’ fresh line of primers are formulated without the use of Dimethicone and carefully created with key ingredients to keep skin looking its best, including: Bamboo Extract, which brings a balance and tranquility to skin. Naturally rich in silica, bamboo extract is ideal for shine control. Elderberry Extract, which is a multi-functional super fruit! Their extracts nourish, imparting a fresh and glowing look. Dead Sea Salt, which is a luxurious sea salt extracted and solar dried from the mineral rich marshes of the Dead Sea. It is nutrient rich, containing over 20 different minerals which have a plethora of positive effects on your skin.


Answer: The key difference between the two is how they work. While primer is applied to blur lines and enhance longevity of makeup, concealer must be used to, well, conceal stubborn dark circles, scars or dark spot. Unlike primer that you can apply on your entire face (concentrating on the T-zone, concealer is ideally applied on areas that need to be hidden such as under the eye or onto acne scars).


Answer: But of course, you can! It’s completely perfect to use primer and concealer at the same time. You can apply your favorite concealer after the primer or after your foundation. Be sure to try our concealer and primers.


Answer: Truth is, primer is optional, but if you want to give more life to your skin and have a makeup that sticks in place all day, then it’s a must.

Do you still have any questions about primers? Ask them in comments below.

Shop our primers.

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


One of the core principles that I aim to live my life by is keeping things simple. Going back to basics is one of my favorite ways to incorporate simplicity and bliss into my routine, by sticking to products and practices that keep me feeling as light and fresh as possible.

My favorite way to go back to basics this month? Two of EM's shining star products that are so essential to my makeup routine. 

First we have the Pearl Finishing Dust, which provides a sheer touch of coverage and sets my look in a way that is understated yet so lovely. This finishing dust leaves my skin looking radiant and ready for the day ahead, while providing the most delicate hint of shimmer. 

 Its pearl-like qualities gives skin a glowy finish that is perfect for setting your look!




To apply, I use the Plush Mineral Brush, which is my go-to brush for a number of applications. It's perfect for all over coverage and is luxuriously animal friendly with the softest synthetic bristles you've ever felt! I love using this one to apply the finishing dust, since it feels so soft and soothing on my skin.




These two products have helped me come back to basics this spring, and give me that no-makeup look that you know I adore.

 I hope that everyone is having a beautiful day!



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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

We're giving away 2 of our Love at First Blush Kits! Entering is simple, just Like our page and comment on this post with a time that you fell in Love at First Blush (or sight!) and you'll be entered to win! You can also find us on our Social Media channels (linked below) and have a chance to enter up to 4 times! Good luck! Contest ends next Monday 3/17 at Midnight EST


Find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram  to enter again!

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Inspired by the beautiful new blushes from our Rose collection, we've compiled all of our rose beauty tips from around the office. Turns out, roses aren't just pretty to look at, there are tons of skincare benefits as well!

Shop the new blushes here

KKP_1232Clockwise from top: Primrose, Field of Roses, Tea Rose and Fresh Rose Blossom Blushes.

1. Roses are a great natural anti-aging tool.

FIlled with anti-oxidants and vitamins, roses are a great way to protect against harmful environmental factors, keeping your skin supple and healthy.

2. And the ultimate skin balancer.

Used as an emollient for dry skin, an astringent for acne-prone skin and an anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin, it covers all the bases to keep your complexion smooth.

3. Let's not forget about aromatherapy.

Stress has a direct effect on the look and feel of your skin. Using the relaxation benefits of breathing in Rose oils and fragrances can help keep your skin and psyche balanced.

Try these tips to incorporate roses into your beauty routine. 

A steam facial: Great for leaving skin looking hydrated and feeling clean, putting some rose oil and/or petals in a steam facial is the perfect way to relax and refresh after a long day.

Add a drop of rose oil to your daily moisturizer: It is intensely concentrated, so you will get major benefits from a small amount, plus the smell is divine.

Use rose water as a face tonic: It's safe and gentle and provides calming, soothing and moisturizing benefits, perfect for using on top of the rose blushes to keep skin looking supple and glowy.


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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Most people with tattoos are proud to showcase their body art whenever they get the chance. On the other hand, there are times when some might feel more comfortable hiding their ink from view.

Whether it’s a wedding, a job interview or a family reunion with a judgmental grandma, there are some rare occasions when it might not be ideal to flaunt a tattoo.

I’ve covered many a tattoo in my career, with brides-to-be being my most common clientele with this request. And while I highly recommend making an appointment with a professional the first time around (they can start you off with the right color palette, brushes and sponges,), anyone can temporarily cover their own ink with the right know-how and practice.

  1. The first step, is to prep the tattooed area with an alcohol wipe. This cleans the skin and removes any excess oil from the pores.
  2. Next, cover the area with a small amount of primer. Oil-free primer helps the color ‘grab’ better. 
  3. Once the foundation primer is dry, it’s time to start concealing the tattoo. Neutralizing a black outline is the trickiest part, because the black ink often turns blue. We advise sponging on a full-coverage concealer in a stippling (or dabbing) motion. Tattoo Camo makes a very good one. 
  4. The next step is concealing the first layer of concealer, so purchase one that matches your skin color. Sometimes having one lighter and one darker works even better, as they can blend for a more natural look.  
  5. Using a flat synthetic brush about 1/2-inch wide, pat a layer of skin-tone concealer on top of the full-coverage concealer. You’ll have to play with the colors to get the best shade and coverage.
  6. To set the makeup, apply an invisible loose powder with a Makeup brush, and remember to dab when applying. Do not brush back and forth.

It takes skill, but with the right products, tools and practice, it can be mastered. This method also works well for bruises and skin discolorations,”  And, depending on how long your cover-up needs to last, you can also use a setting spray to keep color from rubbing off on your clothes.

Once you've applied the complete cover-up, you must remember that you might not get the results you were hoping for on the first try; however, if you can’t afford a trip to a professional, don’t get discouraged. It does take time, so just experiment at home until you find the right colour match and blending method that work best for you. Then, attend that wedding, job interview or family reunion with confidence.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


We all know the LBD is never, ever going out of style, and we are very thankful for that. The great thing about neutral colors in your outfit, is that it's not only encouraged but even important to have a little bit of fun with color on your face. Here are a few products to make you stand out before a night on the town.

We love this simple tank dress from local fashion hub Beehive Boutique. Shop the dress and more online.


Our Picks

Clockwise from top right

Calm and Collected Skin Tint: Black tends to make everyone look a bit sallow. Warm up your skin and get a nice glow by applying Calm and Collected Skin Tint all over, even onto the neck and chest. Prefer a matte finish? Try Poised to Perfection Skin Tint instead.

Girl Friday Blush: We love a nice pinky blush with a black outfit. And Girl Friday has just enough color to give you the pop you need to stand out. Plus, the name just makes you feel like going out on the town. Apply more liberally than usual, the black is going to mute it out.

Illuminator X Eyeshadow: A nice, light pinky lid is perfect for this look. Try keeping a clean eye and adding drama with exaggerated liner.

Mrs. Coffee Eye Liner: Mixing neutrals is always a go, and this is a really subtle way to do it. Depending on your preferred level of drama, apply as thick or thin as you want. Our fave? Really thick with a bit of a wing.

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Perfect Tan for the Bride-To-Be

TanOrganic is a 100% natural and organic tanning solution. Formulated with no parabens, preservatives, fragrances or alcohol; it will give that bride-to-be a natural looking tan without being too heavy and obvious.

It is every brides dream to look radiant on their wedding day. With unpredictable weather, fake tan is the perfect solution to that healthy glow. Using aloe vera as the main ingredient, TanOrganic works as a natural hydrator making sure the bride’s skin is smooth and bronzed for that all important day.

Now the best part… TanOrganic is fully transfer resistant. No bride will have to worry about their sunless tan staining their wedding gown. So not only will you look radiant, you will also feel confident.

The number one wedding tanning tip is to have two to three trail runs to ensure the perfect shade. Matching your makeup to your healthy glowing skin will result in the ultimate glowing bride.

Now every bride-to-be can have a flawless tan on their wedding day with Tanorganic.

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


The ideal cheek shade gives just the right amount of color, leaving you perfectly flushed in a naturally beautiful way. Use these tips for a flawless application.


Warm vs Cool: The best way to choose the appropriate cheek color for yourself is to simply match one to two shades darker than the color that you naturally flush. If you tend to flush more pinky, rosy tones you want a Rosy, cool toned blush. If you tend to flush more peachy, tawny tones, you want a more Golden, warm toned blush.  More neutral tones can wear either or both. Shades listed below are from lightest to darkest.

Cool Tones: Wildflower HeavenGirl Friday, Wild Vines

Warm Tones: DaydreamSnuggleAll Smiles

Step 1: Always begin your cheek color application two-fingers width (or a wide brush handle) away from your nose. Get enough color on your brush, but press the powder down into the brush head and pat or tap off excess to get a smooth and even application.


Step 2: Starting just below the highest part of the cheekbone brush up and back toward hairline, staying below the peak of the cheekbone and temple area. This will give you the perfect natural-looking flush.


Step 3 (Optional): If you want to add a pop of color on the cheekbone, choose a brighter shade and brush just on the apples of the cheek before blending back to the hairline.


*Avoid adding too much color and not blending enough below and above the cheekbone (see photo below.) While you don't want to specifically apply color here, blend the application out over the entire cheek, so it looks like a natural flush.


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Monday, 09 December 2013


before copy

Concealer can be tricky. And, as we generally want it to cover the most important and hard to disguise areas, it is important to choose the right one and apply it the right way. Follow the steps below to instantly cover and brighten darkness under the eye.

Cream vs Powder

First thing first, decide which formula you will need. As a general rule, oily areas need powder and drier areas will be best suited with a cream. The under eye tends to be drier than the rest of the face, so you will most likely need a creamy concealer for that area. Keep in mind that this formula is more portable as well, so it's great for spot touch-ups on-the-go. Always remember that you may need different concealers for different areas of the face or different times of year.

Step 1: Choosing and applying your Color Corrector stick

For maximum coverage disguising dark circles, start with a Corrector Stick in either a peach or rose undertone. Rose undertones tend to cover blue and purple darkness underneath the eye, while peach serves better to eliminate blue and green. Apply directly from tube, covering any area that appears dark from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye and all the way up to the lower lash line.

corrector 1

Apply enough of the product so that you can see it on the skin (lower left) and press in until it blends perfectly (lower right.)

undereye copy

Step 2: Choosing and applying your Creme Concealer stick

Choose a Creme Concealer color that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply on top of Corrector Stick over the entire under eye area, with the Oval Concealer Brush.


Set with Finishing Dust to lock into place, and your eyes will look bright and awake all day!

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Wednesday, 04 December 2013

OilArganic to the Perfect Fake Tan Fade Rescue


The award winning Oil Arganic – the perfect solution to soft, deeply moisturised and healthy looking skin

We all know how important it is to moisturise our skin to keep it soft and healthy, especially in these harsh winter months which leaves our skin dry, cracked and dehydrated.  Recently voted ‘BEST TAN PREPARATION’ by the Sunday Independent panel review, Oil Arganic is a unique cocktail of eight plant oils with a subtle fragrance of roses for velvety smooth skin, silky hair, healthy nails, and an can give an improved overall appearance to scars and stretch marks.  Oil Arganic is a vital multi-purpose addition to your beauty routine. Applying Oil Arganic will not only help prolong your Tan Organic tan and ensure a perfect fade but keep your skin supple and smooth and is the perfect organic oil for mothers-to-be to help prevent stretch marks.

When the dry oil is applied on to the body, it dries instantly, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth without any oily residue unlike traditional lotions. Body oils also contain no water, which means it is absorbed into the skin leaving it moisturised for longer. If you’re used to piling on lotion, but you don’t seem to get the moisturising results then you need to look at something that’s completely natural. A lot of people are not aware that moisturisers often contain the most amounts of synthetic chemicals and petroleum by-products. Seeing as moisturisers work by deeply penetrating skin, it’s smart to consider using natural products, which contain fewer synthetic chemicals that may enter your bloodstream. Oil Arganic is Eco-certified which means it has gone through the most stringent accreditation process in the World and the end result is a natural, safe product.

Oil Arganic consists of eight plant oils such as argan oil, macadamia, rosehip, sweet almond, orange peel, avocado, jojoba seed and hemp seed.  These oils help provide the much needed hydration that the skin needs to help prolong your tan and ensure a perfect tan fade.  Now everyone can enjoy a healthy skin without worrying about the appearance of dryness and prolong that all important tan with OilArganic, the multi-use moisturising dry oil.

 Tips on how to get the best from your Oil Arganic:

 This product is quite universal and can be used in a number of ways

  • MOISTURISE every day with OilArganic after your shower to prolong your TanOrganic Tan.
  • To ensure a perfect finish to foundation MIX a drop of OilArganic with your foundation, it will glide smoothly on your skin and give a lovely dewy finish.
  • Sprinkle some OilArganic in the palm of your hand and gently ruffle your hair for a natural effect and help protect from environmental damage.
  • Pour a few drops of OilArganic into your bath for a blissful moment & hydrating treat for your skin.
  • OilArganic can be used on the hands and nails and can also be used as a non-greasy cuticle oil.

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Wednesday, 04 December 2013
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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

We've all been there... lack of sleep plus everyday stress equal dreaded dark under eye circles! When luxuriating on a lounge with freshly cut cucumber slices on your lids just isn't an option, don't fret. We've got you covered! 

Our MULTI-TASKING CONCEALER is one of my favorite products in terms of instantly eliminating dark circles. This concealer is ultra-versatile, and can camouflage a number of skin sins, from sunspots and broken capillaries to blemishes and - of course - tired looking eyes. This concealer is designed with extra pigment to instantly refresh under eyes. When my eyes look like they could use a little TLC, I start by wetting a washcloth with cool water and pressing the cloth against my eyes for 1-2 minutes. The cool water depuffs tired eyes and awakens the skin, which creates a nice foundation for you to apply the concealer. Just a few dabs is all you need for light-medium dark circles, add a bit more if your under eyes are seriously fatigued. I like to use my fingers to pat a bit of concealer on the skin under my eyes, and then blend with the OVAL CONCEALER BRUSH.

Voila! It suddenly looks like I awoke from a happy dream.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

This tutorial will demonstrate the techniques to achieve that healthy radiant glow using our Everyday Minerals Bronzer and Natural Lucent Face Powder.

    Everyday Bronzer &
    Natural Lucent Face Powder

  • Blender Face Brush & Tapered Sculpting

  • STEP 1

    Begin with choosing the right tool for your Bronzer. There are several Everyday Minerals face brushes that will work, however, the Tapered Sculpting Brush, will be used in this tutorial.  This brush softly defines color to the contours of the face.
  • STEP 2

    Choose the right shade that looks best on your skin tone.  Our model, Stephanie, is wearing the Everyday Bronzer shade, which is our medium tan shade, for a sun kissed glow. Apply with the Tapered Sculpting Brush to the “hollows” of the cheek in a downward diagonal direction.  
  • STEP 3

    The Everyday Bronzer is also applied to the temples and forehead for a more radiant sun kissed glow.
  • STEP 4

    Next take the Blender Face Brushto sweep our Pearl Beige Lucent Face Powder to the high cheekbone area. This fluffy flat top shaped brush delicately applies brightening products like the Lucent Face Powders to the face. Tip: Gently stamp the product onto the high cheekbone with the brush for best results of application.
  • STEP 5

    When applying bronzer on the cheek, start at the hairline near the top of the ear, in case color is applied too strongly at initial application.  It will be easier to blend product at the hairline, where heavy color deposit can be easily softened to look unnoticeable.  Also, swirl and tap excess product onto the lid of the container for mess proof application.
  • STEP 6

    A healthy glow complexion is what every skin should look like! The Everyday Minerals Bronzer and Lucent Face Powder is the duo rock star to achieving that look!
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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

You'll find the basic application instructions for our variety of base shades, including Matte, Semi-Matte, It and Jojoba, in the "Usage Tips" section of each product, but today I wanted to share with you a handful of new tips and tricks I've picked up so far this summer that can really help make the application of your base a breeze.

One of the best tips I've picked up recently has to do with the order in which you apply the minerals to the different parts of your face. For some reason, when applying base I've always started with my cheeks, and then moved on to my chin, and finished up with my forehead. It's not logical, it just always made sense to me! However, I noticed that sometimes the layers of base would be noticeable and not blended to perfection. So, a friend suggested I start at the hairline, move on to the forehead, then nose, cheeks, chin and neck. It's this gradual progression which insures an equal application of the base minerals, leaving them perfectly blended and super natural looking. Since then, this is the application order I swear by!
I've always though that my next tip was a given, but I've recently been surprised by how many women don't abide by it! I have two words for you: natural light. When you apply your base in the bathroom, the lighting is never totally accurate - variables such as lightbulb wattage, color (pure white lightbulbs versus lightbulbs that give a slightly yellow glow) and other items in the bathroom (colored towels, etc.) can throw off your base application. That's why I have a trusty corner near a window that I've set up a mirror, allowing me to make sure my base application looks wonderful in natural light.
Finally, my last tip has to do with the summer months being in full swing. This means trips to the beach, lake and generally just enjoying the sun (with a full SPF, of course)! When the days get longer and skin gets naturally darker, it's important to remember to adjust your base shade accordingly. I like to go one shade darker than my usual shade in the summertime, to make sure that I don't have the dreaded "ghost face" - when your face is much lighter than your body's skin tone due to a too-light base.
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Tuesday, 16 July 2013


As the summer months begin to heat up, it's a given that our skin will go crazy and shine will be out of control. An oily complexion is no fun! Oily eyelids can definitely be a bummer when all you are lusting for are dreamy, matte eyes. Don't fret, we've got you (and your lids!) covered. A quick fix that we've discovered works wonders is using just a dab of the Finishing Dust to prep fiercely fight against shine. Simply apply a touch of the dust with our Everyday Eye Shadow Brush prior to applying your eye shadow of choice, as it will work as a primer and combat oil in a flash. Once you've applied your shadow, add one final, light layer of the Finishing Dust to complete your look. Secret: this also tones down the sparkle of some of our super-shimmery shadows. 



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Friday, 12 July 2013
Everyday Minerals are proud to offer you not only a delicious assortment of cheek colors, but also a nice variety in terms of finish - ranging from matte to sheen and shimmer. Lately, I've been lusting after our matte blush shades... they can just give your cheeks the most subtle little hint of color that is so flattering and natural!
Our matte blush shades come in shades of pink, berry, tan, coral and plum, and are ideal to really make your look pop. Lately, my favorite way to wear our matte cheek colors lately is to keep all other colors neutral (on your eyes or lips) to let your cheeks shine. This keeps them the central focus of your makeup look - all eyes on you! I love a pale pink, almost nude, lip with a rich bronze eye shadow (like FREE AS THE WIND) and NATURE'S SWEET SIDE blush, or the pale earthy goodness of DAYDREAM blush with KNIGHT OF RIBBONS eye color and just a hint of clear lip gloss.
What would be your dream makeup pairing incorporating one of our matte cheek shades?

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Choose your skin colour

TC # 8 - the lightest color - ivory
TC # 5 - slightly more color  - cream
TC # 2  - follows closely - warm beige
TC # 12  - somewhat tanned - sunkissed
TC # 15  - slightly more tanned  - walnut shell
TC # 19  - the most tanned - almost cocoa

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Monday, 15 April 2013

On clean dry skin, apply Tattoo Camo Concealer paste to your tattoo (multiple layers may be needed). 

Gently cover with Tattoo Camo Setting Powder and shake off any excess.

Spray Tattoo Camo Magic Shield evenly on area about 25 cm to 30 cm from skin, creating a breathable, water and smudge resistant barrier

Simply use the oil free Tattoo Camo Remover Tonic on a cotton pad to wipe off

Helpful Hints
• Depending on the colours of your tattoo artwork, building up several layers of the concealer could be necessary to cover up the tattoo
• Smooth concealer paste over tattoo and blend edges with a sponge
• If necessary add an additional layer by using your fingertips, dabbing the concealer over the tattoo
• When completely dry, apply setting powder with a makeup brush. Shake or blow off any excess.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you are happy with the coverage of the concealer before applying the setting powder. 
Once you put the setting powder on you CANNOT put more concealer over the top of the powder as it sets the concealer and will ball up and come off the skin.

Why not watch our video; 'How to Cover Up Birthmarks, Scars, Bruises, Veins and Tattoo's' HERE


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Monday, 15 April 2013

I go wild for a natural, minimal makeup look. To me, women are the most beautiful when they allow their inner beauty to shine :)

The “no makeup” look is a favorite of mine, and one that has taken me many years to perfectly accomplish. Eyes, in particular, are brightened when they simply have a subtle flash of natural looking shine and shimmer. It’s all about that transparent glow, radiant texture - very even and natural.

For eyes that are naturally illuminated, look no further than my magical array of barely-there eye shadows!

These earthy, light tones and sparkling nudes add just the perfect amount of polish to your eyes, without being too heavy or dramatic. Ideal for daytime :)

On the matte/pearl side, the following shades are my top picks:

FREEDOM - an earthy nude shade has a beautiful pearl luster to naturally illuminate your eyes.

CARDAMOM - like the sands of the beach with pearl like effects.

MY PLACE -  this sophisticated shade is a lovely deep taupe with beautiful brown undertones.

If you’re looking for an exciting dash of sparkly shimmer, the following shades are my top picks:

ALL SPICE - a soft neutral pink champagne laced with delicate white shimmer.

SPIRITUAL SHIMMER - a soft subtle white shimmers abound in this ever so wearable nude eye shadow.

JANE EYRE - a soft, demure pink beige with a hint of sparkle.

Just like with any eyeshadow, follow these simple application instructions for a look that is striking and glamorous.

1. Apply a sheer wash of eyeshadow to your crease, layering color should you prefer a bolder look.
2. Continue application to the outer corner and lower lashline.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

I thought that it would be a fun project to customize a makeup look for each fabulous age group that uses Everyday Minerals, and hopefully - depending on what age group you currently find yourself in - you can make good use of my suggestions!

For the fantastic ladies in their 40’s, this is for you.

You’ve enjoyed the self-discovery and exploration of your 20’s, the confidence and sassyness of your 30’s, and are now in your 40’s. I’m all for makeup looks that embrace warm metallics such as bronze and copper in this stage of life - they can warm up your skin tone and are as glamorous as they are elegant. These shades can be paired with everything from a chic cocktail dress for a night out to a casual ensemble of jeans and flats on the weekend... their versatility is truly remarkable. I leave it to you to rock these shades, my wonderful 40’s gals!

FINISHING DUST - This magical dust is a shine-fighter that can be extremely useful for those who develop oily skin in their 40’s. This translucent powder serves to set your makeup and get rid of excess shine. 

EVERYDAY BRONZER - I don’t need to tell you that the prolonged sun exposure that you most likely experienced in your teens and 20’s was very damaging to your skin - in your 40’s, you know better. Fake it with this fab bronzer... it provides you with the appearance of a bronze goddess without the sun’s harmful rays!

ALL SMILES BLUSH - I love this rosy matte peach shade paired with any of the following metallic bronze/copper eye shadows!

I DO DECLARE EYE SHADOW - Like a steaming cup of cocoa on a cold day, this sparkling copper shade has rich dark brown hues that will warm up your eyes. 

MIDNIGHT MYSTERY EYE SHADOW - Coppery deep undertones with splashes of gold.

FLOURISH EYE SHADOW - A blossoming bronze latticework of glistening shimmer.


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Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Why use Everyday Mineral Makeup Brushes?
When applying mineral makeup, especially mineral makeup the quality of Everday Minerals, you are doing yourself and the makeup an injustice by using cheap makeup brushes. Everyday Minerals Makeup Brushes are made from Bamboo and the softest synthetic hair you have ever felt on your skin. By using these mineral makeup brushes you can achieve professional looks and apply beautiful flawless makeup, as well as knowing your makeup is being applied using the tools made to just for applying mineral makeup.
Brush Cleaning
Cleaning your brushes is easy! Take your gentle shampoo and add water, lather and rinse with clean water. Push the bristles in one uniform direction and lay flat on a clean towel. Clean your brushes at night, that way they will be dry and ready to use in the morning.
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It’s a fact... every girl (me included!) wants to have glowing, naturally luminous skin. Unfortunately, due to things we can’t control like dirt in the air and free radicals, sometimes our skin looks less than stellar. Coming home after a long day and realizing your skin looks dull is just the worst! 

That is why my 
Lucent Face Powders are so amazing... they can instantly brighten and transform your skin in no time. My Lucent Face Powders are some of the most popular EM products, and minimize shine as they illuminate your skin. Their light reflecting properties will give you a radiant glow in no time! Which shade is your fave?

We have Pearl Beige (a neutral shade perfect for those with Fair to Light skin) andNatural (a perfect shade for those with Light to Medium skin tones), in addition to Wet Sand (a neutral sprinkle of shimmer that can be used on all skin tones) and Dusty Miller (a very pale peachy pink with a hint of sparkle that can be used on all skin tones). One of the most popular is Viki’s Radiant Creation, which was created by an Everyday Minerals customer and is a beige shade with a hint of sparkly pink that is perfect for Light to Medium skin tones. Or, if you’re feeling tickled pink, try Light Pink - just as the name says, it’s a luminous soft pink face color with a subtle shimmer. To test out the colours why not try our Glow Kit

The key to my Lucent Face Powders is where to apply them to provide the maximum amount of WOW! Through my experience, the following “face places” are the best to naturally create glowing skin:
  • Middle of forehead and temples
  • Inner corners of eyes
  • Along the center of nose and on the tip of the nose
  • Chin
  • Along the cheekbones
  • Along the jawline
These places will give your face definition and a natural contour. 

Another fab product? My 
Luminizing Sunlight Powder.

This product provides less shimmer and more anti-shine qualities... it’s yellow based mineral formula also conceals the appearance of redness and gives added subtleties of sheen. It’s totally translucent and is perfect to set your makeup!

Do you have any luminous tips to share, ladies?

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Friday, 18 May 2012

What is Tattoo Camo?
Tattoo Camo is specially formulated to completely mask your tattoo, creating the illusion it was never there. Tattoo Camo masks all colors of the tattoo and does not harm or fade the tattoo. Made and packaged in the USA. 

Which shade is right for my skin tone?
Match Tattoo Camo shades to your skin tone, not to the colors of your tattoo. By using lighter and darker shades you create an invisible cover that masks your tattoo completely and looks absolutely natural. 

Shades from light to dark

TC #8 - the lightest color. - ivory
TC # 5 - slightly more color. - cream
TC # 2 - follows closely. - warm beige
TC # 12 - somewhat tanned. - sunkissed
TC # 15 - slightly more tanned. - walnut shell
TC # 19 - the most tanned. - almost cocoa

Why should I use different Tattoo Camo shades?
Using different shades enables you to make the cover lighter or darker, all according to the different nuances of your skin tone. You create a natural looking cover and nobody knows that there is a tattoo hiding under that cover!

How to apply Tattoo Camo?
Every Tattoo Camo Kit has an "Instructions" insert. These easy and simple to follow instructions make applying the concealer a hassle free procedure. After a quick application you are "Tattoo Free"!

Does it rub off?
Not with this easy smudge & rubbing off protection! And with just a few sprays of our Shield Spray mist and you are set for the day!. (Avoid eyes and mouth). This also helps with protecting your clothes. 

Is Tattoo Camo water & transpiration resistant?
Yes, it certainly is. Even swimming or bathing hardly effects it. Your tattoo will be covered the whole day. At the end of the day you simply wipe it off with our gentle, yet highly effective Remover Tonic.
It does not harm or fade your tattoo.

What is Remover Tonic?
This oil-free tonic gently and effectively dissolves all traces of your Tattoo Camo concealer. Dampen a cotton pad with the Remover Tonic and effortless wipe off the cover. All you are left with is a perfectly clean tattoo, with no oily residue. 

- Non Allergenic
- Oil Free
- Fragrance Free
- Suitable for all Skin Types
- Tattoo-Safe

Is Tattoo Camo only for tattoo coverage?
Tattoo Camo has also proven to provide excellent coverage for skin blemishes, scars, birthmarks, acne scars and old-age spots. For optimal satisfaction use a combination of lighter and darker shades. Watch our YouTube video link below to show you just how easy it is to cover birthmarks and blemishes with Tattoo Camo.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

At SAREMi Health and Beauty we are very proud to stock the Everyday Minerals Products because they fit perfectly with our philosophy of trying to find the most natural organic products available on the market and bring them to you. The following is some information about the product and the founder Carina Menzies.

At Everyday Minerals, we are driven by the urge to help women feel beautiful by creating products that contain only the finest essential ingredients. Sustainability is our priority, as we are firmly committed to the goal of protecting and nurturing our natural resources. With a passionate diligence to positively impacting our environment, our high quality makeup and skincare is a reflection of our ideals. We practice local love, and source the finest natural ingredients from local farms while dreaming up our newest ultra-feminine shades. Our philosophy is that homemade gifts are always best - their personal touch brings that extra something special. This is why each and every one of our products is lovingly hand crafted, with a glamorous loyalty to preserving our beautiful planet. We are based in Austin, Texas and have achieved monumental strides in protecting our local wildlife habitats and the natural plants that grow within the Texas Hill Country. In fact, the amount of land under our preservation umbrella is growing by the day!
Bohemian at heart and eclectic by nature, the soul of Everyday Minerals is deeply rooted in the natural beauty of every woman. We are organic, vegan and eco-friendly, and specialize in an innovative collection of products with a spectrum of over 300 vibrant colors and shades that flatter virtually every skin tone. Innovation is an important ingredient in our recipe for success, as the constant desire to uphold a pioneering sense of creativity is what keeps our ideas and products fantastically fresh.  

Born with an organic spirit, founder Carina Menzies believes that all-natural makeup products should not cost a fortune. Carina's goal is to empower every woman's inner beauty to shine by focusing on what women love most about makeup: effortless application, long lasting qualities, versatile shades, and most importantly, fun! With Everyday Minerals, women all around the world can access premium quality mineral makeup at an extremely affordable price. One of Carina's favorite things about running Everyday Minerals is creating new colors, drawing inspiration from nature, art, fashion, and most importantly the vibrant and soulful women of the world. We are constantly evolving as new ideas blossom, and invite you to come along on this naturally beautiful journey with us!
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Thursday, 05 January 2012



You know what I am talking about, it doesn't matter if I put my makeup on before I blow dry my hair or after I have done my hair; its hard to get my makeup on without it wanting to slide straight off my face particularly on those steamy hot humid days. I love living on the coast, but it's one of the down sides to living in this coastal environment!

Tip – What I have found helpful lately is after I have dried my hair, I press the cold air button (most hair driers have this) on my hair drier and blast my face and hair line with it. It not only feels great, it then makes sure your makeup sets if you did your make up first or if you apply your makeup after drying your hair you have cool skin to start with. The extra benefit is that it will also help your hair have a beautiful shine! 

Try it out and let us know what you think? 

Happy Styling!
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Monday, 11 April 2011

Avril Lavigne and Pink frequently sport the punk makeup look. It's more about attitude!

While the punk style can often be about sporting grungy looks in a sophisticated way, punk makeup is anything but grungy. This makeup style isn't all about over-the-top eyeliner and glitter. As a matter of fact, it's about creating bold looks that are sure to grab anyone's attention. While it may seem easy to cake on the makeup and therefore create a punk look, it's quite the contrary. Punk makeup requires an excellent eye for colour and superb blending skills.

Things You'll Need: 

Eye shadow base



Light eye shadow, Dark eye shadow

Medium-tone eye shadow

Bold coloured eye shadow

Smudge brush


Black pencil eyeliner

Lip gloss


blending brush


Create a perfect palette. In order to have great-looking eye makeup, it's important to apply foundation and powder to even out your skin tone. Apply foundation and then touch up any imperfections with concealer. Apply a layer of powder to set the makeup.

Prep eye area. Apply an eye shadow base to your eyelid. You can use either a cream shadow, a cream concealer or a specialised product such as a MAC Paint Pots. Use your finger or a makeup brush to apply the base to your eyelids.

Highlight brow bone. Use an eye shadow brush to highlight your brow bone. You can use either a shimmery or matte colour. Popular colours include shimmery baby pinks, shimmery light golds and vanilla coloured mattes.

Apply the medium-tone eye shadow. Using an eye shadow brush, apply the medium tone eye shadow to your entire lid. You can use a medium-toned taupe, brown or Grey for this step.

Contour the eye. Using the darker coloured eye shadow, contour your eye. Apply the shadow to the crease, and if you have small eyes, take the eye shadow a little bit above the crease. Another option is to extend the crease colour past the socket of your eye. This will give you a much more dramatic look.

Add a pop of colour. If you prefer a smokey eye, you can skip this step and proceed on to Step 7. Choose a bright fuchsia, red, blue, purple or green. Lightly apply this colour just below your crease. Blend it thoroughly and repeat this step if you feel the colour isn't bold enough for you.

Apply eyeliner. Use your black eyeliner pencil to line both your upper and lower lash line. Make sure you smudge the eyeliner if you notice any harsh lines. Follow up with a coat of black mascara.

Apply lipstick or lip gloss. Depending on how bold of a look you want, you can either apply lipstick (as shown in the picture above) or lip gloss. A light pink or neutral coloured lip gloss also looks great with bold eye makeup.

Enjoy your new look!


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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cat eye makeup was made famous by such stars as Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn in the old classic Hollywood movies, and more recently by beauties such as Angelina Jolie & Kate Perry.

Applying eyeliner takes some concentration and a well-balanced hand. For beginners the easiest way is to start with an eyeliner pencil. Cat eye makeup is all about your eyeliner application and there are many variations to cat makeup. In order to avoid blotches when applying your cat eyes makeup, you will need to practice.

Our guide to cat eye makeup will help show you the correct way to apply your cat eye makeup.

Your cat eyes makeup look can range from sharp, thin and pointed, to fat, and smudgy. Taking this into account, there are a number of cat eye make up techniques also.

Traditional Cat Eye Makeup Look

For a traditional cat eye look;

You will need to use a sharp eyeliner pencil

begin by dotting along the root of the eyelashes starting at the inner eye and working your way out

you should follow the natural curve of the eye. Stop where your pupil ends and begin to subtly slant your eyeliner line upwards. You can carry this line as far as your like. Quarter of an inch is the most common

This method to cat eye makeup will give you a thin eyeliner line. If you would prefer a fatter line all you have to do is retrace your steps.

Once you have acquired confidence you can try using a liquid eyeliner and brush to create this cat eye look.

If you are looking to create a more translucent finish to your cat eye makeup you should use a shadow liner and brush.

You will need to press the shadow as you move it along your eyelash line. You will move your eyeliner brush in the same slanting upwards motion as you did with the eyeliner pencil

Smoky Cat Eye Makeup

Smoky cat eye makeup is another very popular cat eye make up technique. This look is easier than you think and listed below are the steps to guide you.

First of all to create this look you will need;

a black eyeliner pencil
a black eyeliner brush
an eye shadow brush
dark eye make up
an eyebrow pencil
and black mascara


Start by using your black eyeliner pencil

Draw a soft line from the corner of your eyelid to the end of your eyelash line

next, you will use your eye shadow brush to apply the dark eye shadow over the top of the smudged eyeliner line to create a smoky look

with your brush eyeliner, make a thick line on your top lid only. Make sure the line is thickest at the outer corner of the eye.

to finish this smoky cat eye makeup, you will use your eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow curve more pronounced.

finally, apply thin coats of mascara, allowing the coats to dry in between applications.

By following these tips and guidelines, you are sure to create perfect cat eyes makeup.

Tip – When applying your foundation make sure to also apply it to your eyelids and lips as this will help your eye make up and lipstick to go on much smoother and will stay in place for longer.




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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

To get this geisha look you'll want a gorgeous silk robe (try the Second Hand & Vintage Shops in your area). Cinch your waist with a contrasting silk sash and wear some dainty slippers. It's quiet a cheap dress up idea to achieve.

We have done a more modern version of Geisha Makeup, more "Memoirs of a Geisha" style than the traditional style.

For hair
If you have long hair you can do what we have done with Em in the picture above. Start by brushing your hair back off your face & tie in a pony tail on top of your head, then wrap your hair around to form a bun. We also used a soft foam form under the bun to lift it up a bit higher (you can get these from hair supply shops). If you have short hair you may be able to hire a Geisha wig from a Fancy Dress Shop or try looking on EBay as you may be able to pick up a cheap one online. If you look up pictures of Geisha Girls, a lot of them wore wigs anyway.

Next Secure some silk orchids in hair. We put some silk ribbon around the bun & then put the orchids in the hair to one side of the bun in your hair.

For makeup
For the base makeup we used a white zinc based foundation, you can also mix cold cream with cornstarch to create the white foundation. You may need to add water for the perfect consistency. Cover even your brows. Powder your face with flour or talc powder.

For eyes
Apply a black liquid or pencil liner mainly to top lids. Tradition Geishas do not wear mascara. But it will look very plain if you don't use mascara and if you have light coloured hair, black mascara would help with darkening your eyelashes so that the make-up looks correct. The only problem with using liquid eye liner is that it does require a bit of practice in applying before you can get it to look right. If you are having trouble applying it, try using a sharp black pencil eye liner as a guide, then paint the liquid eye liner over the top.
We also put a couple eye lash extensions on as well ( just can't help ourselves :)

For Eyebrows
Draw a brow over your own brow, but extend a little further we used a greg/black (charcoal) eyebrow pencil. Shade in the brow area with a base of pink or brown/copper coloured eyeshadow.

For Lips
Cover lips with concealer and the white cornstarch mixture. Draw in a bow-lip with cherry red lip liner, making sure to go outside the lip as shown here. Colour in with red lipstick

For Blush
Geishas themselves have almost plain white faces with just the hint of cherry blossom pink for contouring, but again we were looking for a more modern, stand out look, so we used a pink blush on the cheeks.

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