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Thursday, 21 June 2012




At Saremi Health and Beauty we try to bring our clients the most natural options in beauty care. GO30 Prescription Nails are a much healthier option than acrylic and gel nail systems.

GO30 Prescription Nails are a real revolution in the way we service clients with nail enhancements. They are called  "Prescription" Nails because each set is carefully prescribed - the curvature and arch of each nail is precisely measured and recorded on a client's personal prescription card. Prescription nails are a full cover overlay system, individually tailored to each person ~ 8 nail styles, 128 nail sizes, 1028 nail options to provide you with an exclusive personally fitted nail enhancement.

Each personal-fit nail replicates the width, curve and arc of your nails for a fit as personal as a fingerprint. You'll love the natural look and feel, longer lasting than traditional enhancements and without chipping.

The nails are custom fitted to the client's nail shape and size - producing nail enhancements that have a very natural look and feel.

The advantages of choosing Prescription Nails over gels or Acrylics are:


No refill is needed;

No painful removal is needed;

Non-damaging sanding & buffing need to be performed;

No damaging electric drills is used;

Each set lasts for up to 3 - 4 

Thin, durable, natural look and feel;

Great for nail biters, clients with allergies and those concerned about protecting the natural nail bed

These wonderful enhancements are clear, full-cover nail extensions that are custom designed for application on top of the entire natural nail bed. They are durable and last up to two three weeks. They are easily soaked off in about 10 - 15 minutes when professionally removed at the salon.
You can have a new full set of nails every time without suffering painful prying or drilling.

GO30 Prescription Nails also help your own natural nails to grow. The medical grade gel adhesive used, provides a protective cushioning cover over the entire nail bed - preventing breakage as the natural nails grow. When you get your FREE soak-off removal every time, your nails are examined to make sure that your nail beds are staying healthy.

The length of your natural nails doesn't matter. You might be a nail biter with no length at all. You might have short or medium length natural nails. Prescription Nails are clear, you can see the length of the natural nail through the tips, so the natural nails are usually shortened for best results.

Prescription Nails are lightweight so they are comfortable to wear. Many women have told me that their friends thought that the Prescription Nails were their own natural nails. If you want a healthier enhancement, method that produces beautiful nails that look and feel just like your own then you need Prescription Nails.

Twice as fast as traditional method, superior quality and durability, absence of fumes and dust, healthier nail plates and spectacular results, are the virtues of this revolutionary product.

Our Nail Prices are;

Butter London Manicure:                 $35.00
GO30 Prescription Nails (Initial Set): $60.00
GO30 Prescription Nails (Refit):        $50.00


Call us today on 07 53095343 or 0428 892052 for an appointment to try this great nail system!


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Tuesday, 19 June 2012
Nail Art is so easy to do yourself now thanks to the new Nail Applique line by Nail Bliss, called Nail Bling! You can put the Nail Bling Nail Appliques over your natural nail too, but today I am using a colour polish under it. The Nail Bling kit comes with 18 appliques. I like to put the appliques on only  a couple of nails on each hand, but you might like to put them on every fingernail, which also looks great!

The directions for the Nail Bliss - Nail Bling are as follows;
  1. Clean nails with polish remover.
  2. Apply base coat to nails and let dry.
  3. Size Bling appliques, leaving a slight gap between skin and Bling Nails. This will allow the top coat to seal Bling onto nails.
  4. Apply Bling, pressing firmly onto nails for better adhesion. Appliques should not touch skin.
  5. Gently fold Bling appliques over natural nail tips and make flush by filing only in a downward motion to remove any overhang.
  6. Apply top coat and let dry.
Today I started with a base coat using 'Nail Foundation' by butter LONDON and then a beautiful Nail Lacquer from butter LONDON called 'Fairy Lights' as butter LONDON describes it; Be the life of the party in this dazzling "liquid metal" rose-pink lacquer! And this look is perfect for a party with a bit of bling to dress it up even more.

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in 'Fairly Lights'

Nail Bliss Nail Bling Applique in 'Silver Diamonds'

After applying the base coat and two coats of the butter LONDON Fairly Lights nail lacquer, I picked the correct size applique for the nails I wanted to decorate. The appliques peel of the clear plastic backing sheet very easily. I then placed the applique carefully on the dry nail and pressed firmly onto the nail careful not to leave any air bubbles under it following the directions say on the packet of Nail Bling. Finished off my nail art with a clear top coat from butter LONDON called 'Hardwear' and what you get, as you can see from the picture below is a great finish in a small amount of time!

Ready to Party! x
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Thursday, 31 May 2012

With Winter upon us in Australia you have probably already noticed your skin getting dry. The colder months will also effect your nails and cuticles also.
So we have put together a list of things you can do to help keep your nails, cuticles and hands in tip top condition.

Just like you do with the skin on your face and body you must exfoliate a couple of times per week. This is easy to do if you just include your hands the next time you exfoliate your body in the shower. Try our home made sugar scrub by clicking here.

Moisturiser is a must through Winter. Apply through out the day, but the best time to moisurise your hands is at night before bed as it lets the moisturiser work all night. If you have extremly dry skin as many do through the colder months- try getting some cotton gloves from your pharmacy or at an outlet such as Priceline. Slather on a rich hand cream and then put the gloves on just before bed. You will feel a bit like Minnie Mouse sitting up in bed :) but your hands will feel fantastic the next day! You can also do the same with your feet and a pair of cotton socks if your feet are dry and cracked.

Cutticle Remover
Your cuticles can get very dry through Winter and if they get out of hand can split which is very painful. By using a cuticle remover such as the butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator weekly, you can literally ‘TRAIN’ your cuticles to behave! Gentle cuticle exfoliation will gradually decrease cuticle size and hardness, until they are constantly thin, soft, and easy to deal with.

Cuticle Oil
Again before jumping in bed for the night apply some cuticle oil such as the butter LONDON Handbag Holiday. A Coconut and Pineapple scented cuticle oil that will have you dreaming of your last holiday, as it heals and nourishes your cuticles.

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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Follow this easy step by step guide to beautiful hands and perfectly groomed nails that last and its so quick!

What you will need:

Light nail file
Orange Stick - Cuticle pusher
Nail Buffer
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Wool make up pads
Base Coat
Nail Polish in desired colour
Top Coat

The Mini Manicure...Here's How

1. Start my gently filing your nails into a neat and short length. Next grab your nail buffer(skip this step if you want your polish to last a bit longer), the nail buffing blocks usually have 3 to 4 sides start with the more abrasive side and buff each nail and work through until you get to the smoothest side of the buffing block for a nice shine.

2. Next gently push back your cuticles if they are extending over your nails, if they are not its best to leave them alone.

3. Soak a cotton make up pad in the nail polish remover and clean each nail, this will ensure any old polish & oil is removed from the nail and will help the base coat adhere to the nail.

4. The Base Coat is essential for a long lasting polish, so apply a coat of the base coat to each nail.

5. Allow the base coat to dry for a few minutes then start applying your nail colour. Apply a light coat of colour. There are many rules as to the correct way to apply nail colour, but apply lightly and which ever way feels comfortable for you.

6. Leave the first colour coat to dry for a few minutes, then apply a second coat.

7. Finish with a Top Coat. Quick drying Top Coats are handy when in a hurry...

Saying that, its better to allow a good amount of time for your nail polish to set (about an hour if possible). I know its hard to stay still this long, but allowing enough time after you have finished painting will give you a perfect finish!



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Saturday, 12 February 2011



If you want Fabulous smooth hands and strong nails that don't split or get brittle here are a few tips to help you;

• Gently file your nails at least once a week. This is a must, if you don't file them they will split on the ends of the nail from general wear and tear.

• NEVER use a metal Nail File as these are too harsh and will make the ends of the nails tear

• Try to put moisturiser on your hands at least once a day. Just before bed is a great time as it gives the moisturiser time to go to work!

• If you have extremely dry hands try slathering on a thick layer of moisturiser before going to bed and then place a pair of cotton gloves (available from pharmacies) on overnight. This will warm up your hands and help the moisturiser to be absorbed, like a mask for your hands!

The next morning your hands will be as smooth as a babies bottom!

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