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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pedicures are so easy & quick following our easy step by step guide to beautiful feet and perfectly groomed toe nails that last.

What you will need:

Foot Spa or Square bucket
Liquid Soap or Body Wash
Pumice stone or Foot File
Tow Nail clippers
Light nail file
Orange Stick - Cuticle pusher
Nail Buffer
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Wool make up pads
or Pedicure Toe Separator
Base Coat
Nail Polish in desired colour
Top Coat

The Mini Pedi...Here's How

Before you start, gather everything you need from the list below. Set up a towel on the ground near a chair, then place your foot spa or bucket on this after you have filled it with warm water and liquid soap or Body wash.

1. Start your pedicure by soaking your feet in your foot Spa or bucket. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes. Grab your Pumice stone or Foot File and remove any dead skin from the soles & heals of your feet by scrubbing them. Put your feet back in the water to clean any the dean skin.

2. Next put your feet onto the towel and dry them off. Move the foot spa or bucket away and lie the towel back on the ground.

3. Clip or file your toe nails into a neat and short length. Square shape is best for avoiding ingrown toe nails etc.

4. Next gently push back your cuticles if they are extending over your nails, if they are not its best to leave them alone.

5. Next grab your nail buffer (skip this step if you want your polish to last a bit longer), the nail buffing blocks usually have 3 to 4 sides start with the more abrasive side and buff each nail and work through until you get to the smoothest side of the buffing block for a nice shine.

6. Soak a cotton make up pad in the nail polish remover and clean each toe nail, this will ensure any old polish & oil is removed from the nail and will help the base coat adhere to the nail.

7. Put the Cotton wool between your toes or use a foam Pedicure Toe Separator to keep them separated and stop your polish getting bumped from toes rubbing together while your applying the polish.

8. The Base Coat is essential for a long lasting polish, so apply a coat of the base coat to each nail.

9. Allow the base coat to dry for a few minutes then start applying your nail colour. Apply a light coat of colour. There are many rules as to the correct way to apply nail colour, but apply lightly and which ever way feels comfortable for you.

10. Leave the first colour coat to dry for a few minutes, then apply a second coat.

11. Finish with a top coat. Quick drying Top Coats are handy when in a hurry

12. Saying that, its better to allow a good amount of time for your nail polish to set (about an hour if possible).I know its hard to stay still this long, but allowing enough time after you have finished painting will give you a perfect finish!

13. Apply moisturiser after the polish is completely dry

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