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Monday, 14 May 2012

Where does the name SOPHYTO® come from?

SOPHYTO® pronounced [SO-FY'-TO] is taken from the word 'phyto' as in the Company's method of specializing in phytotherapy. When they asked their focus group of a word that best described their experience with the products, they voted for using 'SO' . . . SO healthy, SO effective, SO eco-conscious. So, the word 'so' was fused with 'phyto' and there you have 

Q: Do these products contain any petrochemicals or parabens?

SOPHYTO® does not contain any petrochemicals or parabens. US NSF/ANSI 305 and UK Soil Association standards simply would not license any product that contained these types of ingredients. For consumer safety all products have to fulfill the 2005 requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia for the adequate preservation of topical substances. In the absence of petrochemicals and parabens, 
SOPHYTO® utilizes multifunctional ingredients to control bacteria and fungus, which are approved and licensed by US NSF/ANSI 305 and UK Soil Association for use in cosmetic products that contain certified organic ingredients and offer a 3 year shelf life unopened

Q: What kind of scent do these products have?

Most products possess some natural aromas like apple, pineapple or cucumber for instance. 
SOPHYTO® does not purposely add fragrance in the form of essential oils unless there is a specific requirement for their inclusion other than fragrance

Q: Who can use the line?

Our products are suitable for women [and men] of Caucasian, Asian, Latin, Middle-East and African skin types. Its multi-tasking formulas can address a variety of skin issues in both young and mature skin because each formula contains potent antioxidant ingredients along with literally hundreds of complex vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals

Q: Do you offer specific
anti-aging products?

All the formulas contain anti-aging ingredients, not just a few. Our method of working with complete, whole nutrients from organic foods and botanicals have proved to offer beneficial results in efficacy for a multitude of issues, including aging. These formulas literally contain hundreds of complex vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals that have been scientifically proven to be more potent than just one element, based upon the fact that nutrients can and do influence each other and therefore should not be separated, or isolated. A product is only as good as the quality of its ingredients, with the high level of bioactivity we incorporate in 
SOPHYTO®formulas; we feel we are offering maximum nutrition for delivering essential key nutrients in maintaining the health of the skin. The fact we are also offering an organic delivery system ensures these ingredients are utilized effectively by the body

Q: Are these products hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic does not mean non-allergenic but rather it means the most common skin allergens have been removed from the product. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure we have not used ingredients that contain known allergens and deciding not to include a lot of essential oils in the majority of our formulas is because certain essential oils can contain allergens. All of our ingredients are listed on product packaging so one can easily avoid ingredients that may cause them irritation. We always recommend a patch test just under the chin or the inside of one's arm before trying any new product. Instructions on how to carry out a skin patch test is located on our product brochure inside each box

Q: Why do you recommend using your Toner to rinse skin?

We recommend using pH Optimizing Restorative Toner for removing cleansing and exfoliating products in place of water if you are in an area where water quality is not that great - for instance, hard water is high in calcium and will stiffen skin's own oil and transform it to a waxy state. This leaves skin dry which can become inflamed and itchy

Q: Do you target discoloration with this line?

Treating discoloration is a specialized field. Deeply pigmented skin often requires a dermatologist who can assess the health of the skin first then make necessary recommendations. So no, we do not offer products that specifically target pigmentation issues. We focus more on luminosity than discoloration. Our products contain high levels of antioxidants; these have been shown to provide a brightening effect on the skin. Sometimes when skin appears dull and sallow looking it may be due to health issues, or a number of factors. We would suggest if you are looking 'off color' and do not feel completely well, instead of using a product to make your skin look brighter, contact your doctor first. If however you feel perfectly fine then commence with using SOPHYTO® products and give it at least 28-30 days to see results. A lot of people see results within the first couple of days, but everyone is different and therefore may see beneficial results at varying times

Q: Why is there no SPF in your moisturizers?

Our moisturizers contain natural forms of SPFs from the botanicals, but have not been tested to determine the SPF number, so we make no claims on this. We do not purposely add any chemical SPFs or minerals such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide for several very good reasons. First of all, we are prohibited from using chemical sunscreens and also nanotechnology, so if we were to include titanium dioxide, for example, it would leave a white veil on the surface of the skin due to the larger particle sizes and would interfere with our delivery system. Another factor we looked at is oftentimes what causes breakouts from sunscreens is either the occlusive active ingredients or the thickening agents used to suspend them and create the product's texture, so if you are prone to breakouts it is important to test the product on a section of your skin to judge your reaction.

For all of the reasons above, our formulas instead contain exceptional high levels of naturally derived antioxidants (biological filters) which help neutralize the free radicals generated from the UVA/UVB rays of the sun. These natural filters also improve skin elasticity, strengthen the skin`s immune system and enhance overall skin appearance. It is our opinion that it is more beneficial to apply a separate SPF facial protector over your moisturizer on the days you need it. Also, bear in mind that wearing make-up gives good sun protection too as it provides a physical barrier from the sun's rays, especially if you wear both foundation and face powder. We are formulating a non-mineral SPF 30 which will hopefully be launched Spring 2011. This will be an oil-free product suitable for all skin types. It will be full spectrum protection from both UVB and UVA rays and it will include high percentages of antioxidants.

Q: Why is pH important?

Besides looking for high quality, healthy ingredients, the pH value of any skincare product is important information to know regardless of age, skin type and skin color. Normal human skin pH value is somewhere between 4.5 and 6 which means it is slightly acidic and this is the range we have ensured 
SOPHYTO® stays within. Acidity for human skin is good because it kills the bad bacteria and allows the 'friendly flora' on the surface to function. However, as we age, the surface of our skin starts to climb from being acidic to neutral/slightly alkaline. In this range our skin is unable to protect itself and starts to weaken. Likewise, those who suffer from acne need to ensure their products have a pH of 5.5 or less, as bacteria that acne thrives upon is minimally present at this number. Skin that is neutral/alkaline does not function in a healthy state which is why it is imperative to look for the right pH in your products. It can influence whether your skin is going to function in a healthy manner or not, regardless of how great the ingredients are. Make sure a product is not higher than 5.5, and not lower than 4.5, to be on the safe side. If a manufacturer is not displaying their pH on the product, then you should try to check first before buying


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