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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Many women worry about what they can and cannot use safely while pregnant and one question is; Is it safe to use fake tans during pregnancy?

I would love to share this article by Sally Sargo from with you that answers that question.

It's safe for you to use most fake tans during pregnancy. The only products you may need to be careful with are tans that are sprayed on, particularly in a booth. 

Fake tans have become popular as we are now more aware of the risks associated with sunbathing and sunbeds. You can buy fake tans as sprays, mousses, creams and wipes. Beauty salons also offer spray-on tans for your whole body. 

The active ingredient in fake tan is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a type of sugar. It's non-toxic and works by interacting with the protein of the skin cells in the top layer of your skin. In this layer, the skins cells are dead. 

The chemical reaction within these dead cells results in the production of a brown pigment called melanoidin. Some fake tans also contain an ingredient called erythrulose, which works in the same way as DHA. 

DHA and erythrulose won't harm your baby if you use them as a mousse, cream or wipe. When rubbed onto your skin, DHA and erythrulose don’t go beyond the top cell layer. This means they aren’t absorbed into your system. As your skin is constantly renewing itself, the fake tan fades as the skins cells are shed. 

However, if you use a fake tan spray or a spray-tanning booth, then you may inhale some of the DHA or erythrulose. We don’t know how it will affect you or your baby if you inhale the chemicals. 

To be on the safe side during pregnancy, try to stick with fake tans that you can apply by rubbing, not spraying. If you do want to use a spray, make sure the room is well aired. Also protect your eyes and lips with barrier cream or petroleum jelly. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that fake tans can occasionally cause allergic reactions. You may not have had a reaction to fake tan before, but your skin can become more sensitive in pregnancy because of hormone level changes. Do a small patch test first to see if you are allergic to the ingredients, even if you used the product before you became pregnant. 

Always buy fake tan products from a reputable supplier. Never use the following products: 
  • Tanning pills, which are sold online. Tanning pills may contain excessive levels of colour additives (carotenoids) that could harm your unborn baby.

  • Tanning injections, often called melanotan, that are sold online and in some tanning salons. For your own safety and your baby's safety, don't have tanning injections.


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So happy Tanning! :) 

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