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Thursday, 26 July 2012

love letter

Dear Everyday Minerals (or should I say everyday miracles)
My story goes like this... Once upon a time there was a girl who had no idea how toxic cosmetics could be until she had a massive reaction to some new eyeshadow she purchased. Her eyes swelled up, her eyelids burned and eventually peeled. It wasn't until this moment did she realize that perhaps the ingredients in her makeup weren't all that good for her.
Then she found out the truth. There are cosmetic monsters lurking beneath pretty blushes, eyeshadow, lipstick and more!! And the worst thing is that they're all wreaking havock on your skin and possibly giving you cancer in the process as well!!
Knowing that there had to be another way, she began to search high and low for a natural, organic, cruelty free makeup company. There were many along the way that promised to be "all natural" but most fell to the wayside with their deceptive ingredients or soul stealing prices....
.... But then... one glorious day, she found a beautifully designed, well priced, truthful, all natural company. No Bismuth, Parabens, SLS... the list went on and on!! So she decided to try them... then something amazing happened...
No more breakouts. No more burning, dry, itchy eyes!! The eyeshadows were like silk and the base makeup was light as a feather. And best of all? She didn't have to go broke in her quest for looking pretty because Everyday Minerals prices are amazing!!!
Your service is quick, your quality is impressive.
I'm ordering more... and I'm telling my friends.
The End.

I just have to say I absolutely love your AMAZING products. I love it, loveit and most importantly love it!!!! When I used it for the first time I waslike wow. Is this real? I was really amazed with the results I got. I tellall of my friends and coworkers about your wonderful products! I've had tonsof compliments and I'm still getting them. It feels wonderful to finallyfeel beautiful! Some makeup products feel so heavy on my face and yet coverup nothing. Everyday minerals is so different and in a very good way.Everyday minerals feel so light on my face and covers up almost everything.Sometimes I forget if I even put it on because it feels so light. I give you an A+++++++++++++!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks somuch for everything because you deserve it!!! 
-Love Gina!



I just had to let you know how much I absolutely love your makeup. I am African American with sensitive, oily skin. I was very sketical that I would find makeup to fit my complexion and needs. On the very first time I ordered, I was able to select the right shades for me by using only your brief descriptions. Since I began wearing your product in June 2009, I have received so many compliments on how natural my skin looks. In December 2009, I went on a cruise that sailed to Jamaica and the Virgin Islands. Several of the residents asked me what type of makeup I was wearing as my skin looked so healthy, blemish-free and beautiful. I responded confidently with a huge smile "Everyday Minerals"! I am a completely satisfied customer for LIFE! 


I placed my first order for your products a few weeks ago and have been most pleased with your excellent degree of service and lovely products! Orders arrive very swiftly and carefully packaged. Your powders are light, pleasant to apply and have improved the condition of my skin. The blushes and lucent powders particularly are subtle in their palette and are most flattering, making one look healthy and radiant without looking artificial. Your brushes are soft and well-designed, and your facial oils have soothed my easily-irritated skin and helped it to heal quickly. I'm delighted! With many thanks.


Everyday Minerals is my first experience with mineral makeup and I am so lucky that I don't have to look any further! The mineral foundation and concealer covers so well and it looks better than any liquid foundation I have ever tried! Your makeup looks so natural and I just love the way my skin looks with it! I have already told many friends about it :)


Dear EM,

I am just writing to thank you for making such a fabulous product. I am a dancer for a living and I have always struggled with acne every since I hit my 20's. I have tried every kind of makeup; BareMinerals (mostly), MAC products, and almost every other makeup you could posssibly find in Sephora. And let me tell you, NOTHING compares to Everyday Minerals. The coverage is amazing (and I love that you can choose which type of coverage you prefer, I love Original Glo), and I can actually feel good about putting it on my face because I know it isn't packed with tons of chemicals like every other product. And two of my favorite perks: you have so many shades I know for a fact that I will always have a perfect match, no matter the time of year, and it is so reasonably priced! I have a friend right now who swears by her $50 department store foundation, and I am trying as hard as I can to get her using EM. I am going to send a sample kit to her house so she has no choice! And she is a vegetarian so will not use anything tested on animals, which is yet another reason why this product is so amazing. So to wrap up my already too-long obsession letter, thank you SO much again for making a product that is pretty much PERFECT!!

With love,

Jayde from Las Vegas



For a person like me, I used to hate to make up, glooming myself. I hate cosmetic for some good reasons: They smells, heavy, clogging my pores, giving me break out and making me feeling like wearing a heavy mask for no reason.


3 years back, when I was surfing online and reading some forums talking about make up and so on, there was this thread with almost everything about you guys. Free samples, make up kits, etc. In my mind was "not again..." but decided to take a look on what you guys had on the site just for a reason, I wanted to buy something for my mum's birthday, and back then, you guys were having this eyeshadow kit, with 10 colours to my choice(?) for USD$18, what a catch plus free samples of the base? I placed my first order with you guys.


My mum ended up loving the eye colours I got from the site, plus, I decided to put the base to a test; when you guys said before, as long as it is not being contaminate and well kept, it can be use/keep for a very long time. So I made a decision to take a test on it. I wrapped and kept the base samples aside, and only to take it out 5 months ago and started to use it(I was thinking twice though, if I should really use it). It didn't give me break outs, not even clogging pores, in fact, it made my pores shrunk. And guess what? Your products really made me fall in love with glooming myself, trying out new style everytime. I am getting endless compliments ever since. Affordable prices, countless of promotions, plus one best part, you guys changed my view and my life. Thanks EDM, for making me a beauty out of ordinary.

With Love,


love letter

My skin has been a problem for me for as long as I can remember. One day it's oily and the next it's dry, it breaks out no matter what I do, and it's sensitive to the touch. This problem has left me searching high and low for the perfect make up to cover my blemishes and often leaves me with terrible results and empty pockets. This is where Everyday Minerals comes in. I have been using this product for a year now and it has never once broken my budget nor has it failed me. The first time I used it I was in love, and I have used it everyday since. There are so many options, it's not like every other brand out there that leaves you with one choice. And what I love most about it is it's so delicate on my sensitive skin. No more break outs from the wrong makeup, just a clean and clear feeling every time I apply. I have recommended it to every girl friend of mine and I will never convert to another brand again. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful product, and solving one of the biggest problems I've had for the last decade.

Love, a dedicated customer



love letter

Great Product! I am very satisfied, while the samples, looking for their exact shade. Ships fast. Well done! thanks! 


First of all, I just wanted to tell you how much I adore your products I started using your products last June and I swear by them. Since then both my mother and my grandmother have started using your products as well. I just wanted to tell you that I would love to have my foundation (sandy fair) in a pressed form for quick touch-ups during the day. There isn't a truly convenient way to carry my loose powder foundation so if a pressed form could be produced that would be great! Thanks!!! 

I just wanted to send a Thank You note. I am very pleased with the quality of your makeup. Your Olive tone base makeup are indeed the BEST for Asians with a touch of Spanish blood. I've always had problems finding the perfect base. Even Prescriptives was not able to match my skin tone from their custom blend makeup. I tried Bare Escentuals at the Sephora counter and they had to mix their products to get a match...and it got pretty messy. Everyday Minerals, however, had the PERFECT match. During the winter, I use Olive base in Neutral; and during the summer, I use the Golden Medium. The best part is that I don't need to touch up or powder my nose during the day..and I do have oily skin.
Your website has improved! I love the Look Book feature! I truly love your products!!!
Warm Regards,


I'm so happy for that I discovered this brand in the jungle of make up! I have really sensitive skin condition called acne rosasea... And I react with acne and red skin to most brands.
But this was like heaven! me skin is now baby soft and the redness are long far gone.


Dear Carina & Company,
I want to thank you for creating and making these products. I have been using your cosmetics since April 2010, and for the first time since I was a little girl do I feel pretty again, I thank god everyday for you. My skin glows and shimmers, and I finally look and feel the way I want to. I've had a rough life, and definately suffered major blows to my self-esteem, I never once seen my true beauty until now with quality products that make me still look natural, and my self. Thank you for all you hard work, and making me happy, it means a lot to me.
Have a great day!
Carolyn S

love letter

Once again, you amaze me with your customer service. I ordered on Friday and had my foundation in hand Monday afternoon.
Your service matches your excellence in quality products. THANK YOU!
Michelle C


Hello!I have ordered samples from you a few times, and then I would get them and like a certain colour, use it and then I would go back to my liquid drug store foundation.... Only because I can run to the store and get it haha. But then a few months later I realize that I want to start using EDM again but I forget which colour/formula I like... so I end up ordering more samples haha. Anyway I just ordered my LAST set of samples... I am going to make sure I remember which one is my colour this time. Thank-you so much for making it SO easy and affordable to get samples, it's nice to not have to stress out about wasting a bunch of money on makeup. PLUS I am SO happy that your prices are decent... you wouldnt believe what some companies charge for mineral makeup... it's silly. I tell everyone to get their makeup from you... because not only is it affordable but it is also the best makeup i have ever used. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you :).
Love always,

love letter

I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for the advice and responding so quickly to my email.
I have only just discovered everyday minerals through watching a video on you tube and after only one order am hooked. the products are fab and a very resonable price. I get so excited about the offers etc and look on your site all the time. I am awaiting the arrival of my second parcel and am driving my husband mad keep asking if it has arrived. oh and the brushes are amazing the best I have ever tried.
keep up the good work

I'm so happy! :-D  The products are just PERFECT for my skin! I have rosacea, but now no-one can tell because the concealer and the foundation covers it perfectly! Thank you for making such excellent products, and thank you for the free eyeshadows that came with my order, that was a pleasant surprise! Best regards, -Camilla


I just wanted to tell you guys that I've tried a lot of makeup brushes and yours are absolutely my favorite! The kabuki and the flat top brushes are so amazing, they last forever and are so so soft. Such a joy to use.
Thank you for making such great products at a great price. And a special thanks for your fair shipping costs. Often us Canadian gals don't want to order from US sites because the shipping is insane. Thanks for not inflating your shipping like most other companies do.
You totally rock!


Your eye color make up is sensational. I cannot believe the texture is so smooth and
silky and gorgeously shimmering. It is absolutely perfect. Also, I like the fact that the
face powders come in various shades so that skin variations can be matched! Plus, what reasonable prices.


I found Everyday Minerals in my search for vegan friendly cosmetics. I have been using Everyday Minerals for about two years now and I continue to love the products and the company policies. The product quality is great and the prices are fantastic. I use several products but must say that he brushes are amazing. Tricia
I love Everyday Minerals! Finally I found a mineral make-up that looks so naturally on light on my skin. Espacially the Original-Glo formula ist great! I love it. My skin is getting better and I don't know how to live without Everyday Minerals anymore. EM you are great! Keep going! Margarethe


OMG!!!! The post office finally retrieved my lost packages. They were delivered to a wrong address located a couple of blocks away from my home. I must say that I am thrilled with the way that you all handle your business and the quality of your products. You have officially earned another loyal customer. Can't wait to see my sister for the holidays-I'm saving the bronzed tan just for her(was waaaayyy to dark for me)!.As a multi racial person, I was especially happy to find that it was relatively easy for me to find my perfect shade(I can use both tan and light tan) and commend your company on their superb customer service( you guys could teach bare minerals a thing or two). Anywhooo, thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you guys in the very near future. Felix and Cam.

Hello...I'm Laura S. and I just want you guys to know at Everyday Minerals that's this is the best makeup that's every been produced.

Being a struggling not-so-good complexion woman, I have tried every possible makeup there is. I sold Mary Kay for years. Nothing I have tried has every come close to Everyday Minerals. It lasts all day long with the Finishing Dust applied to my foundation and my skin is truly glowing and doesn't itch me because of the Bismuth. Please keep up the good work. Laura S., Tennessee


I ordered some products today from your website for the first time, so I haven't had the chance to try them yet, but I just wanted to write and say what a great experience shopping online at has been.
First, I love the simple, clean, uncluttered design of the site calming and soothing compared to most online shopping sites/experiences.
Second, what a treat to find that I could order sample sizes of many products.  Instead of ordering nothing for fear of getting the wrong blush color, I was excited to order two sample blushes to see which one fits best before I commit to a bigger size.
Third, how cool to get a free gift!  What a great way to be able to try new products.
Fourth, I have to praise the layout of the summary e-mail that I got confirming my order.  So nicely laid out in that same simple, uncluttered design that the website shares.
A great online shopping experience!
Erin C.
I would just like to say how much I love your products! I used to have really bad acne, and your foundation has improved it so much! I will never use another foundation again as long as you guys keep selling this amazing stuff! I also love how your always introducing new products. Everytime I come to your site, theres something new. Keep up the good work guys! Lisa
Hi, I wanted to send you some feedback on your terrific products. Ever since I got my free sample kit I have been hooked. I just got my first "real" order and I am thrilled with it. Everything is perfect! Your brushes seem to be a very nice quality. I'm used to paying over twice as much for brushes that shed all over me. Your brushes are quite the upgrade. Your make-up is in a class of its own. I've tried other mineral make-ups before and have not been impressed. All the products I've received from you are light-weight, richly pigmented, and able to stand up to a whole day of wear. I've been particularly impressed by your concealers because they camouflage blemishes well without looking at all thick or unnatural. The quality, affordability, and selection that you offer have ensured that I will not only be a repeat customers but that I will spread the word to my female acquaintances. Thank you!

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