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pH Optimizing Restorative Toner 100 ml
sophyto toner


A highly concentrated bioactive toner that gently restores skin to its optimal pH level, improving texture and hydration. Extracts from shitake fruit, nettle herb and elderberry combine to tone, purify and balance the skin. Always guaranteed to be free from artificial fragrance, colors, fillers and parabens. pH 4.6 for normal skin range.

Color: amber   Aroma: fruity botanical   Consistency: liquid

A Clinical Study was carried out by an independent research company on women between the ages of 30-70 years of age; after using the product just one time:

  • 72% thought using this treatment improved the performance of their moisturizers and other skincare products
  • 71% reported a more even and refined appearance to their skin
  • 68% reported their skin looked instantly brighter

how to use

Use in place of water when cleansing or apply after cleansing to restore skin’s pH balance. Follow with your favorite Sophyto® serum and/or moisturizer

CAUTION: For external use only. If skin or eye sensitivity occurs, rinse immediately with water and discontinue use.

Recommended order of application


Benefits for Men

  • Is a highly effective post-shaving lotion; its mildly acidic formula helps prevent ingrown hairs, folliculitis and diminishes irritation
  • Splash on skin immediately after stepping out of shower. Most water that comes into our homes contains chlorine and other impurities which has a drying effect on skin
  • This product's mild acidity helps keep bacteria at bay and regulates sebum secretion which is more common in men due to testosterone dominance


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