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Do Your Own Facial At Home

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The good news is that you can do a facial at home with very few ingredients and in just about 20 to 30 minutes.  

You will need:
Lukewarm water
Eye make up remover
Skin cleanser
Cotton Makeup Pads 
Skin toner or Spritzer
Skin mask
Clean towels

Before you start

Set about 30 minutes for your facial. Select the place where you will do your facial, preferably your bathroom and maybe when you have your mask on somewhere relaxing to lay down and relax

Make sure that you have everything that you will need in one place. This is a relaxing activity, so make sure you have everything handy and no last minute rushes.

The Process

    • Submerge two cotton make up pads into cold water as you will use these later, to relax your eyes while the mask is on.

    • Cleanse your Face: Do two cleanses using your skin Cleanser. Make sure that there is no makeup left after your cleanse. Clean gently around your eyes with the Eye Makeup Remover using a circular motion.

    • Exfoliate: Apply your exfoliant with gentle circular movements using your fingertips. Rinse well with water. 

    • Toner: Apply toner on your skin using a cotton makeup pad. You can skip this process if you don’t use a toner or spritzer usually, but the toner is great for making sure all your make up has been removed as you will see it on the cotton pad after wiping over your face if you haven’t cleansed thoroughly.

    • The mask: Select your mask according to your skin needs. If you have an oily skin, a purifying mask will be great. If you have dry/normal skin, or in the colder months, a deep moisturizing mask will be better. 

     • Apply the mask all over our face avoiding the eye area. Lie down if you like and put some soft music on. Place the cotton pads on your eyes that you prepared earlier. Leave the mask on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Relax and take a load deserve it!

    • Wash the mask off thoroughly with lukewarm water and apply your toner again.

    • Moisturize: Finish your facial by applying your regular moisturizer and eye cream. If you are going to be out in the sun, apply sun protection as well. Your skin should be smooth and plump after your facial. Ready to take on the world again!

    •  Have a calming drink such as a warm decaffeinated tea or just plain water.

Depending on your skin type you may do a facial once a week. You should exfoliate twice a week if needed.