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Get Fabulous Smooth Hands & Strong Nails

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If you want Fabulous smooth hands and strong nails that don't split or get brittle here are a few tips to help you;

• Gently file your nails at least once a week. This is a must, if you don't file them they will split on the ends of the nail from general wear and tear.

• NEVER use a metal Nail File as these are too harsh and will make the ends of the nails tear

• Try to put moisturiser on your hands at least once a day. Just before bed is a great time as it gives the moisturiser time to go to work!

• If you have extremely dry hands try slathering on a thick layer of moisturiser before going to bed and then place a pair of cotton gloves (available from pharmacies) on overnight. This will warm up your hands and help the moisturiser to be absorbed, like a mask for your hands!

The next morning your hands will be as smooth as a babies bottom!