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Pre-Tanning Body Scrub

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If you want a great even tan from the bottle, start with a great cheap natural homemade scrub. Your skin will feel so great and you will have the perfect start to your new tan!


All you need is:

1 Cup of White or Raw Sugar
Your favourite Body Wash or Soap

• Place your sugar in a bowl, place just outside of your shower & hop in the shower, clean yourself.

• Grab your sugar while aiming shower away from you or turn the water off. Put the soap or body wash in your hand with a liberal amount of the sugar and start to scrub your body in circular movements starting from your feet up to your arms & décolletage.

• Rinse off the scrub under the water and hop out of the shower to dry off

• Once you have dried off completely you can start to apply your Tanning Lotion or Spray.


Beauty Tip!
Before applying your tanning lotion or spray try putting a little moisturiser on the drier areas of your body such as your feet, knees and elbows. This will stop the tan from grabbing too much in these areas.
Happy Tanning!