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Long Handled Kabuki


Just like our other Kabuki brushes, the design of this brush is based on those used to apply makeup for traditional Japanese kabuki performances. Its longer handle allows for more dexterity when applying both face powders and blushes. Its rounded top is great for grabbing onto pigment, so tapping out excess powder before application is a must depending on the intensity of color you would like!

Like all our products, our brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty free! Each brush handle is made from 100% renewable bamboo and our synthetic brush bristles are dense and plush, making them perfect for mineral application.

4.20" long, 1" wide, 2.50" ferrule to tip.


Brush Cleaning 

Cleaning your brushes is easy! Take your gentle shampoo and add water, lather and rinse with clean water. Push the bristle in one uniform direction and lay flat on a clean towel. Clean your brushes at night, that way they will be dry and ready for use in the morning.

Long Handled Kabuki

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