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7 Piece Blush & Highlighter Palette.
COLOUR adds a touch of warmth to your skin, as if you’ve been kissed by the sun. It’s so good at making your beauty shine, that it was considered naughty in Victorian times. To achieve a fresh, natural look, wear a soft shade, that closely resembles your skin tone when blushing. Pinch your cheeks to see! And who says colour can only bring life to your cheeks? A hint on your forehead, temples, or jawline will also give your overall look a touch of sunshine.


The perfect curated kit for the ultimate blush wearer; this purse-friendly collection makes mixing up your morning routine FUN. Highlight and ultimately sculpt your cheeks to bring out the freshest face around.


All Smiles Matte Blush - net wt. .06 oz. / 1.7 g
All Smiles Blush is a gorgeous, hyper-pigmented, peachy orange. This shade blends wonderfully to create a super-silky matte finish, and deep, sun-kissed glow. Just remember that a little of this one goes a long way, so use just a small amount to start!

Bronze The Day Away - net wt. .06 oz. / 1.7 g
Bronze The Day Away is, as its’ name implies, a bronze shade with complimenting gold undertones that give an extra brilliance. Amazing on light complexions for adding definition, and medium complexions for a surprising hint of luminosity.

Field Of Roses Matte Blush - net wt. .06 oz. / 1.7 g
Our Field Of Roses is a sheer, bright baby pink, bringing the sweet cheerfulness of wild pink roses to your look. Especially pretty on fair complexions, its' smooth, matte finish and super-easy blending will always put you in the pink!

I'm Taken Luminous Blush - net wt. .06 oz. / 1.7 g
Look your total best in I’m Taken, the simple staple pink with gold luster that keeps everyone looking.

Sheer Honesty Luminous Blush - net wt. .06 oz. / 1.7 g
As sheer and sexy as that nightgown you have tucked away for special occasions, Sheer Honesty is a silky smooth, barely-there pink. And don’t forget that iridescent gold luster for extra warmth at play…

Smart For Work Luminous Blush - net wt. .06 oz. / 1.7 g
A purply pink with luminous gold undertones, Smart For Work is the best match for the hardworking woman that strives to look her best and feel natural.

All Smiles, Field of Roses Blush shades:
Ea. net wt. .06 oz. / 1.7 g
Total net wt. .12 oz. / 3.4 g
Sheer Honesty, I’m Taken, Smart for Work, & Bronze the Day Away Luminous Blush shades:
Ea. Net wt. .06 oz. / 1.7 g
Total net wt. .24 oz. / 13.6 g

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